Chapter 26: The TAS Group

The TAS Group is a pioneer in technology-enabled sales improvement. The company resulted when Select Selling acquired OnTarget from Oracle’s Siebel Systems unit and changed its name to the TAS Group Inc. TAS stands for Target Account Selling. Ironically, TAS has transformed itself from a traditional sales training company to a cloud-based sales technology company that partners with TAS calls its core technology its Dealmaker suite.


TAS automates the sales process by integrating selling methodology, coaching, training and deal forecasting through its Dealmaker suite. Native on, the software embeds real-time visibility of opportunity and pipeline health and progress in day-to-day seller activity and reinforces key selling behaviors.

TAS is becoming a pure-play technology firm, which means that if you want training, you will need to buy technology. TAS is better suited to large-scale sales transformations. Also, if you don’t use, then Dealmaker probably won’t be a good choice.

Featured Clients and Case Studies

TAS features a number of client videos on its website, most of which are large, global technology companies such as HP, British Telecom, Akamai, Unisys, Level3 and Honeywell. According to research done by the Aberdeen Group, TAS clients outperform their peers on measures of both Rep and Team quota attainment. If you are considering TAS or any other sales performance improvement partner, ask for case studies that align with your challenges and your industry. The more relevant the case study, the more confident you can be in your partner’s ability to deliver the results you expect.


In 2014, TAS was named to’s list of “Top 20 Sales Training Companies”—the fifth time in the past six years. They were also named by Gartner as a “Cool Vendor” in CRM Sales, 2013. TAS earned this distinction as one of the first technology firms to automate the sale process by integrating selling methodology, coaching, training and deal forecasting 

Core Sales Training Programs

TAS has transitioned away from traditional sales training and towards sales enablement technology. That being said, the Dealmaker Suite enables many of the processes, methodologies and skills that you would expect from a traditional sales training company. They just go about it in a different way, which might be the best way for certain companies. Methodologies in Dealmaker include:

  • Dealmaker Smart Opportunity Manager: Enables salespeople to win more deals and grow deal sizes by uncovering compelling events, navigating the political power structure and focusing on qualified deals with intelligent deal coaching.
  • Dealmaker Smart Account Manager: Enables salespeople to maximize revenue from key accounts by mapping solutions to the customer’s business drivers, discovering white space, growing wallet share and managing actions.
  • Dealmaker Align: Enables salespeople to align their solutions to customer problems, and allows markets to enable sales teams for real business conversations.
  • Dealmaker Smart Sales Playbook: Enables salespeople to increase sales velocity by applying a repeatable winning approach based on industry templates and tools. This also increases visibility into team performance to manage sales forecasts and pipeline risk.
  • Dealmaker Political Map Express: Enables salespeople to visualize the political landscape of the Buyer’s organization, and leverage coaching and social networks to identify the right people, gain access and develop the support necessary to win.
  • Dealmaker Smart Call Planner: Enables salespeople to make every sales call matter, and make measurably better sales calls that achieve measurably better sales results.
  • Dealmaker Sales Performance Insight: Enables sales managers to compare individuals against goals, Peer Group averages and Top Performers to identify coaching opportunities to improve performance.

Other Solution Components

In addition to the Dealmaker suite, TAS offers many other services to ensure that its clients succeed in their implementation and get maximum value from their investment. These include:

  • Smart Sales Methodologies for sales process, opportunity management, account management and sales performance analytics.
  • Customer Enablement to help establish and measure success, ensure adoption and lasting results, and take the guesswork out of implementation.
  • Education Services to ensure your salespeople and sales managers leverage Dealmaker Smart Solutions and realize maximum value from your investment.
  • Global Delivery to provide Dealmaker expertise and hands-on skills from experts with local knowledge for fast deployment, local support and lower costs.
  • Customer Support is available 24/7.

Advice for Sales Training Buyers

Clearly TAS has taken a different path than other sales training companies. These tools such as Dealmaker can provide tremendous benefit to you and your team by bringing the learning or methodology to life, and driving the right behavior through guided selling in your CRM workflow. If you suspect that you will use technology in your solution, then inform your sales training partner as early as possible and ensure you have your internal bases covered. Integration into CRM systems has become much easier, but it still takes time and specialized resources that may not be available. Additionally, your IT people will probably have to conduct their own due diligence to ensure your selected technology meets their requirements and everyone knows how you will fund and support your technology-enabled tools.

TAS, target account selling sales solutions offerings

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