Chapter 27: ValueSelling


ValueSelling Associates is the creator of the ValueSelling Framework® methodology. ValueSelling equips B2B professionals in all sales roles with common tools, skills and processes to improve productivity and results. ValueSelling goes to market through a network of associates who operate as independent consultants. All consultants are experienced sales leaders and most have personally implemented the methodology.


The ValueSelling Framework provides a methodology for a face-to-face sales conversations. In the program, participants learn the framework and then develop skills necessary to successfully execute the methodology. ValueSelling’s approach is best suited for people who sell high value solutions to sophisticated buyers and buying committees. ValueSelling has impressive global reach with associates in 13 locations around the world and delivery capability in 10 languages.

Featured Clients and Case Studies

The company features a number of large well-known technology clients, such as Autodesk, Cisco, Google, Oracle and Toshiba, as well as some mid-market technology and business services clients. Case studies are thorough and well-written, with metrics quantifying the impact.

As a potential sales training buyer, ask your provider for cases studies that reflect organizations and issues similar to yours. If they have something that’s close to your situation and it was successful, then it should give you greater confidence that the provider has the experience to replicate that success in your organization.

If the provider doesn’t have a formal case study, then ask to speak to a few clients similar to you who implemented their solution six, nine or 12 months ago. By then, these clients should be getting results and may be willing to share their experience and lessons learned with you.


In 2014, and for four of the past five years, ValueSelling was named a “Top 20 Sales Training Company” by They were named to Selling Power Magazine’s 2014 “Top 20 Sales Training Companies” list.

Core Sales Training Programs

The ValueSelling Framework is a methodology for conducting a sales call from pre-call planning to call execution and follow-through. The strength in ValueSelling is that it’s simple and can be easily replicated and adapted as necessary for every complex selling situation. It minimizes the risk of losing the sale or wasting time on those prospects who will never buy. It is based on the following easy-to-learn, repeatable steps:

  • Qualifying the Prospect: Identifying a prospect with issues you can solve.
  • Positioning Your Capabilities: Connecting your solution to the prospect’s issues.
  • Asking the Right Questions: Getting the right information to craft your best solution.
  • Differentiating: Demonstrating that you are a better fit than the competition.
  • Developing the Value: Connecting the benefits you uniquely bring to the prospect’s specific business and personal issues.
  • Identifying Power: Gaining access to the ultimate decision-maker.
  • Crafting a Mutual Plan: Agreeing with the buyer on how to move the sale forward.
  • Closing the Sale: Success!

Other Programs

In addition to its core ValueSelling Framework, the company offers skills and process training such as prospecting, telephone skills, selling to senior executives, presentation skills, negotiations, time and territory management, account planning and team selling.

They offer a comprehensive coaching model and programs to enable sales managers to coach to the ValueSelling methodology, and coaching services from ValueSelling associates directly to salespeople to win significant deals and grow key accounts. They also offer ValueSelling Essentials®, a complete eLearning program consisting of 10 one-hour modules that cover most fundamental selling activities and skills.

Delivery Options

ValueSelling offers a mix of delivery options from traditional classroom-based instructor-led training (ILT), online through their LIO Learning Management System, blended—ILT with eLearning pre-work and post-training reinforcement—programs, and Train-the-Trainer options.

The Full Solution

In addition to its sales methodology and training programs, ValueSelling offers additional products and services to implement its solution properly and make change stick.

These include:

  • Sales process development and optimization.
  • Customization of programs and development “playbooks” for field sales executives that focus on particular products, services or markets.
  • eValuePrompter workflow guide—used to plan, execute and assess a sales call in the context of a larger opportunity that is accessed through popular CRM systems (, Oracle On Demand and Microsoft Dynamics).
  • Reinforcement through eValueSelling, ValueSelling@Work (reinforcement videos) and ValueSelling Framework in a Flash mobile App.

Advice for Sales Training Buyers

The ValueSelling Framework is a structure that contains skills to enable a sales call with a sophisticated buyer, to be integrated into other methodologies that you use for opportunity or account management. For example, if you use Miller Heiman Strategic Selling, your Blue Sheet will help you determine “what” you need to do and the calls you need to have. Your ValueSelling Framework will then give you the structure and skills to transact those calls successfully.

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