Chapter 28: VorsightBP

vorsightbp-logo-transparent  is the sales training provider of the year 6 years in a row according to members of the AA-ISP. Their mission is to fix the top of the sales funnel – prospecting & sales development – through research and data.

They focus first and foremost on helping clients develop prospecting and new business development capabilities. The company was created by the principals of two successful companies, Vorsight and BP Partners.

Vorsight is an outsourced appointment setting company. Over time this business became a laboratory for sales effectiveness, especially related to prospecting and lead qualification. VorsightBP is an entirely different company that teaches clients techniques perfected by Vorsight. VorsightBP programs are based on hard data validating the best practices that they teach.


VorsightBP develops sales training programs and organizational solutions for clients who want to improve their prospecting and new business development capabilities. Many sales training companies create programs for managing sales conversations, opportunities, accounts or territories, but assume that you have a prospect willing and able to talk to you. Some have prospecting programs, but for many these programs are an afterthought and not a core offering. This is not the case with VorsightBP.

VorsightBP focuses on prospecting for sales executives who must create a certain number of their own leads or must convert inbound opportunities into inquiries.

Featured Clients and Case Studies

VorsightBP works with clients in the professional services, technology, telecom, manufacturing, distribution, life sciences, media and healthcare industries. They offer a number of detailed, well-written case studies, and showcase some of the largest and best-known companies in the world as clients, including Oracle, HP, Citrix, GE and Verizon.

Ironically, they do a tremendous amount of work for sales and marketing automation providers such as Act-on, NetSuite and Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua), as well as sales performance improvement companies such as Corporate Visions and Sirius Decisions. This speaks volumes about VorsightBP’s reputation among people who really know the industry.


VorsightBP has won the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals top service provider award for the past five years. They are a strong provider in this niche.

Core Sales Training Offering

VorsightBP offers a number of programs to enhance prospecting, qualifying, developing opportunities, social selling and sales management skills necessary to support these skills.

Specific programs include:

Persuasive Prospecting: Helps your salespeople understand a prospect’s process for deciding if they are going to meet with you. The program follows the acronym AC3—Access, Curiosity, Credibility and Commitment—that models the process that sellers must follow to align with the prospect’s process of deciding to meet with you.

The learning combines classroom training, role playing and live calling into your sales reps’ actual prospects. Reps not only learn, but do, and leave this program with a handful of genuine, qualified opportunities to pursue and a set of tactical skills to keep the top of the funnel full.

Persuasive Qualification: This program is primarily for companies that are inundated with inbound leads and need a system to prioritize these leads and skills so they can convert the most promising leads to opportunities.

Persuasive Inquiry: This program teaches your salespeople to improve their active listening skills, which then leads to improved communication and persuasion skills. It teaches salespeople what science and research has revealed about curiosity and listening, and the role each plays in effective selling. Reps then develop and apply these skills for better call planning and execution that lead to qualified opportunities.

Persuasive Social Selling: Allows your reps to generate sales opportunities to fill the top of the funnel without picking up the phone. Participants experience classroom training, exercises, and using social media to research, connect with, and schedule meetings with real prospects and clients. People leave the training workshop with a solid target list, provocative messaging, ways to connect with target prospects, and even scheduled appointments.

Persuasive Sales Management: Teaches your sales managers the principles of analyzing performance and driving improvement. This program is unique in that it is built around the science of triggers, and concentrates on the triggers that motivate a person’s habitual behavior.

The Full Solution

Every VorsightBP engagement contains three phases:

  • Phase 1: Preparation, customization, alignment and organizational readiness
  • Phase 2: Roll out of the appropriate sales skills training content
  • Phase 3: Ongoing coaching, reinforcement and management support

Advice for Sales Training Buyers

Prospecting and new business development are highly specialized skills that require specialized training. If your people need to develop these skills, it is important to determine if a sales training provider is really qualified to deliver what they need. Buyer behavior has changed significantly over the past few years, and it is very important to assess the validity of a program. If prospecting is not a core capability of a sales training company, it is possible that their program is out of date and won’t be effective. Ask the tough questions and ask for proof that what they teach works. VorsightBP is clearly on the cutting edge of this type of training and should be strongly consider as a leading provider.

vorsightbp sales training offerings and solutions

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