Chapter 5: How to Determine Your Sales Training Budget

BudgetForSalesTrainingTo determine a realistic sales training budget, you need to think about the activities we described earlier in Beyond the Event: An Overview of a Sales Training Solution. The right time to ask for budget is early in the process, when leadership is most enthusiastic and supportive. If in doubt, ask a couple of probable sales training providers to help you craft a preliminary budget. Not all of the fees below will apply to your situation, especially if you are going down the public seminar path, but it’s important to know what you are getting yourself into.

The last thing you want to do is to take on a high-profile strategic initiative and then stall part way through for budgetary reasons.

 Solution Development

Diagnostic fees
• Assessments to determine needs 
• Performance benchmarking and goal setting

Professional fees 
• Facilitation of needs assessment 
• Sales process design and optimization consulting 
• Configuration of the full solution 
• Customization of the sales training materials 
• Development of change management program 
• Delivery and refinement of pilot program

Technology fees 
• Configuration of systems to support new sales process 
• Pre-payment of end-user licenses

Solution Delivery

Trainee-related fees
• Travel, lodging and meals
• Printing and shipping training materials
• Lost productivity/Lost opportunity
• Administrative support

Instructor Fees
• IP license fees
• Facilitation fees
• Travel, lodging and meals

Facility fees
• Rental fees
• Internet access, audio/visual rental fees

Solution Reinforcement

Instructor fees
• Coaching fees
• eLearning reinforcement content fees Technology fees
• User licenses Diagnostic fees
• Post-training assessment
• Measurement program

how to figure out your sales training budget

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