HireVue & Avature

Discover, engage and hire the best with Video Intelligence

HireVue’s integration with Avature provides deeper insight to talent from your earliest interactions and engages them in a modern and convenient experience.  Now, when the right opportunity opens up, you’ll have an interested group of quality candidates at your fingertips.

See More Top Candidates Faster

Include video introductions and interviews in early interactions, such as sourcing programs to help hiring teams quickly identify the best candidates and focus their time engaging top talent.

Transform Networking Opportunities

OnDemand Video Interviews let candidates introduce themselves anytime, anywhere.  Invite interested individuals to complete a video introduction prior to hiring or campus events and spend valuable face-to-face time with the best candidates.

Configurable Workflow

Built into any phase of the process.  Automatically trigger video introductions or interviews based on workflow or invite a group of people manually.  Perfect for social media campaigns, employee referrals, networking with passive candidates, building talent pools and more…  

Reinforce Your Brand

Tailored landing pages and branded intro/closing video content during the HireVue experience enhances your brand and keeps candidates engaged.


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