HireVue & Greenhouse

Hire the best faster than your competition with Video Intelligence

Our integrated solution helps customers leverage the power of video to gain deeper insight to the best candidates and make better informed hiring decisions in a matter of days, not weeks. HireVue’s integration with Greenhouse allows candidates, as well as your hiring team, to interview anytime, anywhere through a seamless, modern, and convenient experience.   

Better Hiring Decisions

Our Video Intelligence Platform provides deeper insights to the best candidates so you can make better informed hiring decisions faster.

Modern & Engaging Experience

Candidates expect a world-class experience.  HireVue lets them interview anytime, anywhere from their computer or favorite mobile device with our native mobile apps.

Seamless Interviewer Preparation

Interview feedback and outcomes are captured in Greenhouse and integrated Interview Kits give interviewers all the information they need evaluate candidates more consistently, focusing on those who have the most potential to perform.

Simplify Your Hiring Process

Collapse steps in your process by replacing traditional resume reviews, phone screens, interviews, and assessments with HireVue OnDemand Interviews and act quickly on top talent - faster than ever before.

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