HireVue and iCIMS: Modern Digital Tools to Build Incredible Teams

HireVue’s Team Acceleration Platform is uniquely designed to empower HR and busy team leaders where they work every day with modern tools and insight they need to make smarter people decisions in less than half the time. Our integrated solution combines the power of digital video, predictive analytics and mobile collaboration with the proven ease and simplicity of iCIMS Recruit so you can get more out of your investment with iCIMS than you ever thought possible.

Engage Candidates with the Digital Experience They Expect

Allow candidates to escape the 9-5 interview and blow them away with beautifully simple mobile tools. With HireVue mobile apps, job candidates simply click the app on their tablet or smartphone and interview for their next career move anytime, anywhere. You couldn’t ask for a more flexible and engaging experience!

"Our team LOVES working with HireVue! Our support team leaders would spend an overwhelming amount of time - 1,100 hours per quarter - interviewing candidates for Customer Service positions. This process took support leaders away from their team members on a daily basis and prevented them from supporting, developing and mentoring their teams. Since implementing HireVue, we have cut the screening process down to 140 hours per quarter - nearly 90%! Now our support leaders can focus on developing talent and supporting our customers rather than screening candidates. Additionally, we have not sacrificed quality, and have even increased our accuracy in identifying important skill sets, such as customer service traits and written skills as well as having the ability to identify top candidates faster and compare side-by-side.”

Bryan Carter, Director of Customer Care, Rackspace

Creating a Digital Advantage with HireVue

Used by organizations of all sizes, across over 140 countries, our Team Acceleration Platform is helping companies create a digital advantage and lead their respective industries with 50% faster growth. More than 500 companies, including iCIMS clients like Tiffany & Co., Bridgestone Americas, Dow Jones & Company, and Discovery Communications rely on HireVue to help them engage candidates and team leaders throughout every stage of the hiring process and provide a more objective, data-driven way to uncover the people with the skills, attitude and potential to become highly engaged members of a high performing team.

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