HireVue & Workday

Video Intelligence to Build The Best Global Workforce

HireVue is the only video interviewing solution partner of Workday Recruiting helping customers transform the way they discover and hire the best talent.  By collapsing multiple, unnecessary steps in the hiring process into a single video interview Workday and HireVue customers are able to make better hiring decisions faster.

Hire the Best Faster

HireVue OnDemand Video Interviews deliver more insight into the best talent and offers a consistent way to evaluate candidates so you can make more informed hiring decisions quicker.

Modern & Engaging Experience

Candidates expect a world-class experience.  HireVue lets them interview anytime, anywhere from their computer or favorite mobile device with our native mobile apps.

Configurable Workflow

Embed video interviews as a step in your recruiting process and candidates are automatically invited to interview on-demand.  Hiring teams easily access interview outcomes and feedback right from Workday.

Simplify Your Hiring Process

Collapse steps in your process by replacing resume reviews, phone screens and traditional interviews and assessments with HireVue interviews and act quickly on top candidates.   


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