Email Remains the Last Digital Divide; New HireVue Solutions Remove Barriers of Entry for Job Candidates Globally

Candidates and Recruiters Benefit From Increased Flexibility and Access through a Virtual Interview Experience

Salt Lake City, April 7th, 2020 – HireVue, the leading global provider of virtual, on-demand interviewing and assessments technology that is giving greater access to a broader pool of job candidates, today announced app-less interviewing and SMS scheduling to eradicate the structural barriers that still exist for candidates globally. These new virtual interviewing capabilities eliminate the need for email and specialty apps within the job interview process.

While many aspects of the digital divide have narrowed over time, access to digital interviewing processes can vary markedly between jobseekers. In particular, many hourly workers do not have email accounts, and email is not a common communication method in many countries. These realities can significantly reduce access to new job opportunities, as email communication is often a requirement throughout a candidate’s job application process.

“Technology barriers should not be the reason that job candidates are prevented from quickly finding new opportunities,” said Kevin Parker, Chairman and CEO at HireVue. “By removing one of the last digital divides, HireVue aims to open opportunities for the millions of candidates who have been kept out of the global economy.”

Hiring needs are constantly changing. For example, according to published reports, certain businesses are now looking to bolster their teams to support the surging demand of essential goods and services due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In these situations, the new features allow organizations to reach a broader pool of candidates while giving them the ability to easily arrange a virtual video interview via text messaging or through the WhatsApp phone application. This is a powerful assist for the millions of job candidates currently in quarantine, unable to travel for a potential interview and helps protect the health of recruiters in a time of social distancing.

In addition, through an improved OnDemand virtual interview experience, candidates will be able to access the job interview right in their mobile web browsers using text messaging and WhatsApp without having to download an interview-specific app from an app store.

The new capabilities will enable recruiters to:

  • Reach a broader and deeper pool of qualified candidates
  • Improve the candidate experience by making it easier to complete interviews on mobile devices
  • Accelerate the time-to-interview-completion by getting interview invitations to them as quickly as possible
  • Open job opportunities to people who are not familiar with or who do not commonly use email.

The improved HireVue OnDemand Interviewing experience supports over 30 languages, and includes the complete regulatory compliance of the traditional HireVue interviewing solution to ensure that corporate hiring teams can more easily and securely recruit candidates no matter their geography or economic status.

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Cynthia Siemens
Communications Director, HireVue

Peter McCormack
Highwire PR