HireVue Surpasses Eight Million On-Demand Video Interviews

HireVue customers interview nearly a million people every 90 days, in over 180 countries
and in 32 languages — at the time and place of the candidate’s choice

Salt Lake City, Oct. 9, 2018 – HireVue, provider of the most comprehensive AI-driven talent assessment suite and video interviewing solutions, today announced it has hosted more than eight million interviews — a 60 percent increase in the past year — illustrating the accelerating adoption of video interviewing worldwide.

Today, HireVue’s more than 700 customers — including Vodafone, Intel, Hilton, HealthSouth, Qantas and Carnival Cruise Lines —  interview nearly one million people every 90 days in over 180 countries and in 32 languages. The milestone marks the largest single pool of video interviews today, revealing key insights about how candidates want to be engaged, with more than 40 percent of interviews conducted on mobile devices and over 60 percent taken outside of business hours.

“The completion of our eight millionth video interview establishes HireVue as the clear market leader and signifies a substantial shift in the way companies around the world hire. We believe this adoption will continue to accelerate as more companies strive to access the right talent faster than possible via traditional methods,” commented Kevin Parker, HireVue’s CEO and chairman. “While we’ve come a long way in our mission to democratize the hiring process, in many ways, we’re just getting started.  Today we’re working with a growing number of companies to deploy AI-driven assessments and validated, predictive hiring models to accelerate their ability to find great talent while doing so more accurately, consistently and fairly than before.”

Following its acquisition of MindX in May 2018, HireVue now offers the most sophisticated video interviewing and AI-driven talent assessment tools available.

This week, HireVue also hosts its annual HireVue Horizon conference (formerly Digital Disruption) in Savannah, Georgia, where customers such as IBM, Delta and JP Morgan Chase and experts from organizations including Deloitte and Yale will converge to share technology-enabled best practices and prepare for the future of hiring.


Across the globe, HireVue is transforming the way companies discover, hire and develop the best talent with Hiring Intelligence and its HireVue Video Interviewing platform. Using a combination of validated industrial/organizational science and rigorously tested, predictive artificial intelligence, recruiting experts are hiring higher quality talent, faster. HireVue is available worldwide in over 30 languages and has hosted more than eight million on-demand interviews for more than 700 customers worldwide, including over one-third of the Fortune 100 and leading brands such as Vodafone, Intel, Hilton, HealthSouth, Qantas and Carnival Cruise Lines. For more information, visit hirevue.com.


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