How Carnival Cruise Line Took Control of The Recruiting Strategy to Effect Change

Carnival Cruise Line hires approximately 8,000 employees a year. From nurses to cooks to entertainers to officers, Carnival must staff their fleet well before they set sail. Traditionally cruise lines have relied on third-party agencies and the same short-list of European academies to recruit officers, resulting in a homogenized demographic of candidates. Carnival knew they could do better!

Through a combination of their ATS, HireVue OnDemand and Live interviews, departmental alignment, and some key personnel changes, Carnival was able to take recruiting into their own hands. By displacing the third-party agency and creating partnerships with academies across the globe, Carnival has dramatically diversified their candidate pool, and increased their female:male officer ratio. Set sail with Carnival as you learn how they took control and reaped the rewards.

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Ash Spencer
Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition, Carnival Cruise Line