Rethinking the Future of Work

Suddenly the whole world is going digital, everything is mobile, and the people you’re hiring and managing have better tech on their wrists than you used to find, hire and onboard them. The entire HR technology industry is talking about the future of work, the role of HR and next-generation technologies, and digital transformation.

We are all experiencing the digital age, the advent and possibility of new technology, the chasm between the way it feels outside of work and the way it feels inside of work. Do you order a new laptop or check your vacation balance (inside of work) as easily as you order a Lyft or check your bank account balance (outside of work)? It's time to close the experience gap - and HR, you're the ones to do it.

Jason Averbook discusses the role of HR and next-gen technologies: it’s not to serve the HR function, to make it easier for you to handle the workforce. The role of the next generation of technology is to serve the workforce.

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Jason Averbook
Global keynote speaker, industry analyst, co-founder and CEO of Leapgen