Preparing for Emerging AI & Data Privacy Legislation

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From Illinois to California, from Europe to China, legislation and regulation related to the data privacy of individuals is beginning to emerge. Learn from Winston & Strawn Partner Sheryl Falk, who also co-leads the firm’s Global Security and Privacy Task Force, how to work with your legal team to prepare your organization for forthcoming regulation. She’ll update on the state of enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and discuss the challenge of keeping up with conflicting data privacy standards as GDPR-like legislation arises in Brazil, China, India, and Canada. Find out more about the emerging US laws, including the California Consumer Protection Act, biometric laws and the new Illinois AI in hiring laws and how they may affect your stewardship of candidate and employee data, as well as how to prepare for the coming federal legislation.

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Sheryl Falk
Co-Leader, Global Privacy & Data Security, Winston & Strawn LLP

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