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Salina Dharamsi- My name is Salina Dharamsi, and I am the Senior Manager at Campus Talent Acquisition for PWC, Canada. So we've implemented a variety of HireVue products. The first of which is games. One of the benefits of the games has been really great feedback from the candidates that it's quick and easy.
James Spearing- I'm James Spearing.I'm the Recruitment and Resourcing Leader at PWC, Canada. Our journey with HireVue started in 2017 and that was with campus recruitments. We at first just used the on demand video interviews but this year in 2019 we've expanded that into the gamified assessments.
Salina Dharamsi- I think it's pretty neat to be able to see how many data points you can get from 6 minutes of a candidate playing the game and it really shows how science and HR are partnering together to really bring the best to the table.
James Spearing- The other things that I enjoy is working working in a firm where innovation is key to what we do. Our leadership team understands that we can't be stagnant and that includes everything we do, whether you're internally facing or client facing. For instance when HireVue came in, introducing that to the firm was really exciting and getting that buy in and as we evolve the relationship, it's been really powerful to build the advocates internally as well.
Salina Dharamsi- We've gotten lots of really good feedback. You know, some of my favorite things I've heard were, you know, it was quick, it was intuitive. You know, they could see why we were using the games. It was a really great tie to the job analysis that we did with HireVue. We also got really great feedback on the candidate feedback report so having candidates receiving something really tangible at the end is a success whether they move on in the process or not. So if they move on, it's something to think about in the live interview stage. And if they don't move on, it's something to think about as they continue to, you know, explore their careers with us in the future or with other employers. So it's nice to be able to walk the talk and really provided candidates with a crisp learning and development opportunity through the process.

PwC Canada finds a quick, fun way to learn about candidates

PwC Canada merges science and HR to make hiring fast and easy with HireVue Game-Based Assessments along with OnDemand video interviews. Candidates enjoy the experience and that they get feedback even if they aren’t actually hired.

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