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Salina Dharamsi- My name is Salina Dharamsi, and I am the senior manager of Campus Talent Acquisition for PWC Canada. I think anybody in Campus Talent Acquisition would tell you that one of the best parts of their job is still being a part of that experience for a campus candidate, their first job, the first time they walk in the office, you get this feeling of satisfaction that you were a small part of somebody's journey.
James Spearing- I'm James Spearing, I'm the recruitment and resourcing leader at PWC Canada. We work in a high volume, fast paced environment, and making sure that our recruiters are taking the time on the moments that matter most for the candidate and also for themselves.
Salina Dharamsi- So we hire lots of people in a short period of time and all of our competitors are also hiring in that time frame, so we need to be really quick and efficient. Another challenge we face is the supply of candidates. It feeds into the earlier challenge in that there is a short supply of candidates and many interested parties, so we need to make sure that we're compelling in our candidate experience. And I would say our third challenge is that we really need to bring diverse voices to the table, so we need to make sure that we're compelling for all people and that we keep diversity of hiring in mind.
James Spearing- A great thing about campus recruitment is it gets a lot of attention by the c-suite and especially CEO level, so with us what we were challenged with by our leadership team was bringing in a process that was Gen Zed friendly, that was fast, that signaled to the market the things that we wanted to represent. So in terms of tech enabled, innovative, and also what we wanted to do as well was obviously hire the best candidates.
Salina Dharamsi- We've also had really great feedback on video interviewing. It's more convenient for our candidates and also more convenient for our recruiters. So candidates can log in anywhere to do their video interview, and recruiters can review those videos at a time that works for them. We've also really benefited from the Coordinate product. We used to schedule interviews quite manually. This way it's more fair for everyone. So the first person who gets the call for the interview isn't necessarily the person who gets the abundance of choices, it's more of a fair and even playing field.
James Spearing- Feedback for our process has been really good. I think, you know, we are showing the students, especially on campus, that we are using digital tools to enable our process. Another piece of feedback has been around diversity and inclusion. So that's critically important for every organization, and we're proud that, I think we walk the talk in this space and by using a process that essentially allows us to see more applicants and put them through a process to get down stages of the recruitment funnel that maybe they wouldn't have been able to do before, because either they didn't go to the right school, or their GPA wasn't high enough. So to be able to be out in the market with a Hire Vue product where we're talking about hiring for potential and looking at different types of individuals and not a cookie cutter, sort of, traditional applicant has been really valuable, and I think it's also had a good, it provided a good experience for our internal team as well. They feel very passionately about that subject, and wanna make sure we're representing the firm really well.
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