Maximize training investments through practice



Have teams practice on their own time, at their own pace



Onboard new employees faster to customer readiness



Improve manager coaching skills with structured programs

Structured digital coaching that reveals team readiness in real time, anytime.

HireVue Coach customers are using our platform in a variety of ways to develop customer facing teams - customer service skills practice, new sales rep orientation and ramp, training skill certification, support knowledge, objection handling, and more through OnDemand and Live video interactions. And audio-only options allow those that are primarily phone-support to practice their skills in a familiar environment. From a laptop on a flight, or a mobile device between calls, our software allows team members the ability to practice and receive feedback on their own schedule. Their leaders have the support of structured programs to help them develop a consistent and scalable feedback loop without the need to be in the same room.


Onboard and ramp new employees faster.

Give new employees the early confidence they need through practice and feedback. Star performers are 57% more likely to stay with the company if they feel they have good coaching. Ensure your teams have the feedback they need from day one. HireVue Coach gives leaders the flexibility they need to ramp new team members without being physically present or syncing schedules - anytime, anywhere.

Maximize training investments creating customer readiness through practice.

Ensure that all teams - new and tenured - get the most from training programs through practice reinforcement. Individuals become reliant on old practices and familiar approaches when the tools to reinforce change are not present. With HireVue Coach they can practice their skills using video and receive ongoing coaching and feedback through structured programs that reinforce the original training content.



Create a library of best practices to inspire across teams.

With HireVue Coach, our customers can identify what excellence looks like, then share the inspiration to help replicate it across the organization. Teams create compelling video content through practice using their own internal experts in value messaging, objection handling, competitive intelligence, support tips - and share across teams creating a library of best practices to expand coaching program resources.

Help managers become better coaches.

On average, managers spend just over 30 minutes a week coaching their teams. Why? Lack of skills/tools to help leaders build and execute effective coaching plans. HireVue Coach can help managers become better coaches by providing structured programs, which include content and cadence that maps to specific customer engagement skills practice. Training organizations can set up programs that certify managers on new content first, then use those certification videos in team coaching as well.


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