Assess coding abilities in any language or domain



Library of 160+ coding challenges in varying levels of difficulty



Unlimited custom and debug challenges



Plagiarism protection and cheating prevention tools

Benefit of using CodeVue: Complete Technical Interview.

Building a highly technical team of proficient developers and software engineers is complex-especially if your company is not a hot, Silicon Valley native.  So, how can you gain the attention of top programmers and validate their actual abilities, proficiency and creative-thinking quickly-whether your recruiting team in tech savvy or not?

HireVue helps you get inside the minds of developers and programmers to understand whether or not they have the skills and are compatible with your team’s culture.  For the first time, you’ll be able to gauge their ability to help you speed up development time, think creatively, pioneer innovation, and fit in with your team’s culture.

Attract Brilliant Talent.

Engage and screen brilliant software developers and engineers with auto-scored, on demand, codinging challenges.  Publish challenges to corporate career sites, social media or niche communities and let developers register and complete challenges on their own time.  Results are available for you to review and share immediately so you can diagnose technical skill, creativity and culture fit early - before investing in the on-site interviews and lengthy whiteboard sessions.


Fluid Collaboration with Hiring Managers.

No longer waste time going back and forth on technical job requirements and mediocre candidates.  Managers review challenge results on demand, when it is convenient for them from a computer or mobile device.  Real-time feedback and collaboration lets managers focus on the best-in, not the first-in.

Whiteboard From Anywhere.

In the competitive battle for the top technical minds, spend time with the best-in, not the first-in.  With the click of a button, launch a real-time, live interaction to watch candidate's solve coding challenges in any language and observe their thought process- from anywhere in the world.  You can even record the entire interaction to replay or share with other team members to review.


Spot Truly Unique Solutions & Prevent Cheating.

HireVue validates the integrity and authenticity of a candidate's work with plagiarism detection tools including accuracy and uniqueness scoring and behind-the-scenes verification of the logic.  Include text or video-based follow-up questions to further qualify critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Hiring decisions are quicker, more data-driven and consistent - allowing you to build a team that rivals any group of Harvard dropouts.

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