Actionable DEI&B: The complete guide to improving equity in hiring

How do you operationalize diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging?

We talked to 1,657 talent leaders who are doing just that. 

Four in 5 respondents say they’ve made progress toward their DEI&B goals since this time last year. And budgets are increasing again for most. So where are talent teams investing resources now?

In this guide, we give you 5 ways companies making strides in DEI&B are leveraging technology to attract and retain the best talent.

  1. Adopt flexible work options
  2. Focus on skills, not resumes
  3. Invest in upskilling
  4. Structure interviews
  5. Share your DEI&B story

HireVue’s Talent Experience Platform helps talent teams build a faster, fairer, friendlier hiring process.

Together, we can improve the way you engage, assess and hire talent.