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Your end-to-end hiring experience platform with video interview software, conversational AI, and assessments.

Build a faster, fairer, friendlier hiring process with HireVue’s end-to-end hiring platform. Together, we can improve the way you discover, engage, and hire talent.

Identify needs

Expert guidance from IO psychologists

Align competencies for each role

Interview at scale

On-demand interviewing for ultimate flexibility

Built for interviewing live video platform

Qualify candidates

Scientifically validated pre-hire assessments

Rigorous coding assessments for technical talent

How our video interview software works

Reduce hiring bias and increase diversity

Our video interview platform means your organization isn’t relying on resumes or assumptions, by standardizing the interview process at scale and evaluating what really matters.
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Increase velocity without sacrificing quality

We empower hiring teams to evaluate the true potential and fit of candidates, widening the talent pipeline and reducing time to hire.
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Be a leader in the new reality of virtual hiring

Digital transformation in recruiting is no longer a nice to have. Level up with the technology that will ensure you are positioning your business for success, and realizing the best possible ROI in recruiting.
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The science behind better hiring

HireVue leverages the expertise of data scientists and industrial-organizational (I-O) psychologists to build technology that doesn’t just seek to find the best fit between candidate and organizational need, but actively combats bias in selection decisions. That’s not just talk: we are the market leader, dedicated to continually challenging, re-validating and expanding our solutions to ensure we are powering a better talent pipeline for your business.

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Professional hiring
Technical hiring
Hourly hiring
Campus hiring
Public sector
University resources

Hire the people who will grow your business

Most hiring decisions are based on a flawed model; after all, a strong resume or a degree from a big name school don’t tell us whether or not someone will be successful in a given role. That’s why HireVue offers a better solution that will help you assess the qualifications that really matter.

Professional hiring

We won’t go back to traditional hiring because now we’ve seen all that virtual hiring has to offer.

Brenna GarbelmanManager Talent Acquisition Operations at CenturyLink

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