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What Is Team Acceleration?

The workforce of today is a multi-generational, global blend of permanent and contingent workers of all types. Companies are in a race to digitally transform the enterprise: embracing mobile, video and big data - to modernize the way they build and coach such diverse teams.

Team acceleration is digital empowerment for the modern team.

80% of companies

say digital transformation is key to their survival.



8 of 10 executives

say HR does not effectively support their needs.



50% of the workforce

is made up of millennials. 40% of them don’t want to work full time.




HireVue Digital Platform


Uses digital video and predictive analytics to attract, identify and select the best candidates 50% faster than resumes and status quo recruiting methods.

Unlike resumes and gut instinct, mobile video and predictive analytics empower your teams to identify the best candidates regardless of volume, and cut time to hire in half.

  • Attract the best talent by casting a wide net with digital introductions and a killer candidate experience. 
  • Select the best candidates by relying on data instead of gut.
  • Eliminate scheduling and feedback delays that can make you lose out on top talent.


Uses digital video to enable effective coaching at scale for customer-facing teams. It’s 4X more effective than traditional training/learning methods.

The average time to productivity for a new hire is 381 days. The number 1 reason most sales reps miss quota is an inability to articulate value.

  • Get your sales reps on-ramp faster.
  • Reduce time to productivity and increase the number of reps hitting quota with video-enabled coaching to help them master the message and delivery.
  • Expand new product messaging and reinforce training to maximize revenue.

We want a unique approach to engage with our candidates and something that they might not expect. We recognize that people like to express themselves through video and we immediately saw the potential with HireVue.

Jerome Presenti, VP of Core Technology, IBM Watson

HireVue has given our team the ability to be more selective with their time on campus and ensure they’re meeting with students who have the greatest potential. They’ve already gained tremendous insight by watching them via video and seeing how they present themselves and how they communicate - something they couldn’t see when looking at an application or a resume. HireVue makes it easy for us to look beyond a 4.0 GPA and get to know the student and their story.

Scott Lilly, VP of Programs at Thurgood Marshall College Fund

Having Coordinate now as part of our HireVue platform has drastically cut back on our recruiter’s scheduling time - giving them time to focus on candidates, not calendar logistics. And our hiring managers love the convenience of scheduling interviews with HireVue - they’ve been much happier overall with our recruiting process, not to mention it was one of the easiest tools we’ve ever turned on.

Molly Weaver, Director, Talent Acquisition, Children’s Mercy Hospital

See what HireVue can do for your business

Build and coach your teams faster, and smarter - using video, mobile and big data. Finally, a modern solution to create and engage fluid and diverse teams.


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