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HireVue’s text-powered recruiting assistant enables your hiring teams to do more with less. Our AI recruiting software allows you to hire up to 4x faster by engaging your candidates all the way from “Hi” to “Hired.”

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“[HireVue] closed 66% of open requisitions in 2 weeks and has created an amazing experience for our restaurant. All of our applicants first talk with [the hiring assistant], and if qualified, are directly scheduled with the restaurant.”
Brooke Burgiel, Director of PeopleWorks, Maggiano’s Little Italy

4x Faster Time-To-Hire

24/7/365 Candidate Engagement

20%+ Improvement in Interview Show Rates

40% Increase in Recruiter Bandwidth

HireVue virtual hiring assistant

Stop disqualifying qualified talent

HireVue’s AI recruiting widens your funnel with smart, chat-based job matching. Quality candidates are hard to come by. Don’t lose them because of a poor experience or job matching that relies solely on keyword searches. Candidates simply chat to find the best-fit job using our O*NET job matching, and we’ll send them a text or WhatsApp with next steps within minutes of applying.

Power your workflows without the work

No one enjoys updating candidate ATS statuses or seeing candidates stuck in the pipeline. We’ll automatically progress candidates in your ATS after each candidate interaction and text them next steps. You’ll shave off days, even weeks, from your time-to-hire.

Stop chasing candidates and start hiring them

Stop ghosting candidates. Candidates lose interest when they don’t hear from you. Eliminate the time and effort it takes for recruiters to follow-up with automated SMS or WhatsApp invites, reminders and ongoing updates–and watch your conversion rates soar.

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