HireVue Assessment Tools

Data Driven, Science Backed

Created by expert team of 20+ IO Psychologists and Data Scientists

Minimize Bias

Increase diversity with scientifically validated methodology

Trusted Insights

Review easy-to-understand reports for hiring managers and feedback for candidates

Confidently Prioritize

Make sure you’re engaging with the highest quality candidates first

Interview assessments

Create a fair, fast screening process

Dramatically increase recruitment efficiency by eliminating outdated phone screens and evaluating candidates on job-relevant skills. Our team of IO Psychologists work with you to create and monitor a relevant assessment that fits your job needs while mitigating bias. We help you combine the interview and assessment into a single unified experience that can be completed in less than 20 minutes.

Game-based assessments

Fast and comprehensive

Work with HireVue’s team of expert IO Psychologists to identify the critical competencies that align with success for each role, then select the games that will give you the insights you need.

Better prioritization

Data-backed prioritization of candidates for teams to make hiring decisions based on understanding individual cognitive skills and behavioral traits related to job performance.

Modern candidate experience

Ditch the longform, legacy assessments for fun, engaging games that can measure job relevant competencies in less than 10 minutes.

Coding Assessments

Look beyond coding proficiency

Today’s software development is collaborative, agile, and requires more than just strong coding skills: HireVue combines coding assessments with insight into candidates’ ability to problem-solve and communicate.


Qualify and validate technical skills

HireVue offers coding challenges in programming languages like Python, Java, Ruby, Javascript, R, PHP, C#, Perl, Haskell, and more, auto-scored and proofed for cheating.


Expedite the hiring process

The competition for great engineers and developers is fierce; HireVue provides the tools and automation to ensure your business never loses out on a candidate because of a protracted or overly complicated process.


Quick adoption

Transformation doesn’t have to be hard. Intuitive, consumer-like solutions for your hiring teams.

Fair, unbiased process

Open the hiring process to more candidates and evaluate them at scale while fighting bias.

One step experience

Combine the interview and assessment into a single unified experience, in less than 20 minutes.

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