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Headquarter Address

10876 S River Front Pkwy #500, South Jordan, UT 84095

(801) 316-2910

Sales and Business Development

800.655.4106 ext 2

Technical Support and Operations

800.655.4106 ext 1  |  801.316.2910 ext 1

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International Phone Support Numbers

To better support our global customers and their candidates HireVue offers the following numbers to make it easy to call us from all over the globe, 24/7. Phone Support is available in 12 different languages through an on-the-phone interpreter.

If a number is not listed for your country please call us at: +001-801-316-2910

Argentina +541159841116 x
Australia +61386521588 1800603056
Austria +43720880140 0800297879
Belgium x 080079431
Chile +56225832238 x
China x 108007141793
France x 0800908785
Germany x 08001830743
India x 0008001008466
Ireland x 1800948651
Japan +81345780320 x
Lithunania x 880033024
Mexico +525547411455 x
Netherlands +31207989148 08000222997
New Zealand +6498010095 0800442420
Russia x 88007073871
Singapore x 8001012790
Spain +34911829414 x
Switzerland +41225180500 0800820033
United Kingdom +442037954089 0800154130