Why HireVue

Why HireVue? We think it’s pretty simple. We make your life easier.

HireVue makes hiring faster and fairer. And our platform is secure and integrates with your ATS for one seamless hiring ecosystem.

Flexibility for recruiters and candidates

HireVue offers mobile-friendly, text-powered solutions that offer flexibility to both sides of the hiring process. Candidates have easy access to scheduling and interviewing all from the comfort of their phone, and flexible on-demand interviewing allows them to interview at the times that work for them. Plus, recruiters don’t have to waste time scheduling or run the risk of ghosting candidates. Automation keeps candidates consistently engaged and allows recruiters to review interviews at any time—from anywhere.

HireVue believes hiring should be fair for everyone

We are committed to fair hiring, because we believe every candidate deserves to be treated with respect. Our solutions ensure hiring teams can evaluate all candidates consistently with solutions backed by science—not gut instinct.

Security matters

HR data is sensitive, and ensuring its security is critically important. HireVue boasts enterprise-grade security that goes through several recurring third-party audits to ensure our protection is continuously improving. Hiring teams can rest assured HireVue is fast, fair, flexible, and safe.

HireVue creates a seamless hiring ecosystem

Hiring is frequently plagued by manual tasks that slow down processes. We make it easier. By integrating with your ATS, HireVue allows teams to work from one single, hiring ecosystem instead of wasting time switching between platforms. Don’t let manual tasks keep you from your top talent. 

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