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Webinar: Fireside Chat with NetApp & Sykes

With the new reality of virtual hiring - how do you make the most of this shift and work with video solutions that are scalable, efficient and fair?
three young female engineers sitting on cough discussing how to recruit and hire great software engineers

Webinar: Fireside Chat with CenturyLink

Organizations have been grappling with how to add hiring to business continuity plans during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic

Relying on virtual meeting platforms to bootstrap your video interviews

In the early days of the pandemic, many organizations turned to technologies that were already integrated into their workflows and technology stacks to meet hiring demands.

Class of 2020: How to Source Entry-Level Candidates

Finding the right talent is key to driving business success, yet most recruiters say the biggest challenge when recruiting entry-level candidates is sourcing.
webinar powering your virtual fall recruiting

Powering Your Virtual Fall Recruiting: A Panel with the Kraft Heinz Company, HireVue, and Handshake

It’s no secret that the fall 2020 recruiting season is going to be atypical. But with the right tools and planning, companies can find the best-fit talent for their organizations through virtual hiring.

Business Continuity Cheat Sheet for Virtual Hiring

Digital business and technology leaders had to support their organizations moving to virtual hiring overnight amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Adapting Early Careers Hiring in the New Normal

This whitepaper discusses the in a once in a generation opportunity for recruiters to implement lasting change in how they look for and assess entry-level talent – breaking down the barriers that exist within the current graduate and campus recruitment process.
Campus recruitment on tablet

Webinar: How BP Maintained Continuity with Campus Recruiting

The landscape of campus recruiting in the spring of 2020 changed overnight with college campuses closed and students finishing their semesters online. Since nearly half of graduate hiring is done through onsite campus visits, companies are now required to re-think their campus strategies. Virtual recruitment allows organizations such as BP to maintain talent continuity during changing times.
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Virtual Hiring at Speed: Fireside Chat with Whole Foods Market

Are you trying to keep up with the sudden shift to virtual interviewing and hiring? Hourly and high volume recruitment is different today than it was a month ago. Some hourly roles are now more essential than ever. How can you quickly pivot with virtual hiring?
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Maintain Stable Hiring in Uncertain Times: How HireVue Can Help

Businesses are taking fast action to protect their people and help prevent the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). For HR and Recruiting leaders, you have the tough job of figuring out how to maintain hiring continuity while ensuring the safety of both your hiring teams and your candidates.

Ultimate Guide to Hourly Hiring

In this eBook, you'll learn ways to uncover the right candidates faster, at scale, with a consistent and repeatable process.
HireVue Gives PwC Canada a Quick, Enjoyable Way to Learn About Candidates

PwC Canada Discovers Fast, Innovative, Gen Z-Friendly Campus Hiring

PwC Canada tackles the challenges of campus recruiting, the competitive talent landscape, and the hiring process using Hirevue video interviewing and HireVue Coordinate. It uses HireVue to identify potential in more students from more universities than ever before.
PwC Canada Uses HireVue for a Fast, Innovative, Gen Z-Friendly Campus Hiring Approach

PwC Canada Finds a Quick, Fun Way to Learn About Candidates

PwC Canada merges science and HR to make hiring fast and easy with HireVue Game-Based Assessments along with OnDemand video interviews. Candidates enjoy the experience and that they get feedback even if they aren't actually hired.
Katherine Taylor Talent Acquisition at Carnival Cruise Lines Recruits Cabin Stewards to Marine Officers with HireVue

Carnival Cruise Lines Recruits Cabin Stewards to Marine Officers with HireVue

Carnival Cruise Lines uses HireVue to scale its global recruiting efforts for cruise ship roles from the highly specialized to the high volume.
Telstra Uses Candidate Experience to Boost its Consumer Brand

Telstra Uses Candidate Experience to Boost its Consumer Brand

Telstra uses OnDemand video interviewing to give candidates a great experience with its brand — even if candidates don't ultimately get the job. Telstra also uses AI to take its pre-hire assessment strategy to the next level.
T-Systems Slovakia Realizes the Value of Video Interviewing

T-Systems Slovakia Realizes a Faster, Easier Hiring Process

T-Systems Slovakia went from a slow, manual, time-consuming hiring process to a faster, easier process — with HireVue.
T-Systems Slovakia Quickly and Easily Set Ups Its HireVue Implementation

T-Systems Slovakia Quickly and Easily Set Ups Its HireVue Implementation

T-Systems Slovakia had its HireVue instance up and running quickly and easily by working with the HireVue team. And it continues to enjoy support from the HireVue as it optimizes its use of HireVue video interviewing.
T-Systems Slovakia Realizes the Value of Video Interviewing

T-Systems Slovakia Realizes the Value of Video Interviewing

Once they saw how much easier HireVue makes their roles, T-Systems Slovakia recruiters embraced it. Hear the story of how the company rolled out HireVue to the company and its recruiters.
Kraft Heinz Makes the Days of Recruiters Less Tedious

Kraft Heinz Makes the Days of Recruiters Less Tedious

Kraft Heinz uses HireVue to empower its recruiters to find the best student talent faster, without any phone tag, and regardless of which schools students attend. Recruiters save time and can source more candidates from a broader candidate net. And recruiters enjoy the process even though they'd never used video technology before.
Kraft Heinz Makes the Days of Recruiters Less Tedious

Kraft Heinz Finds More Students More Easily

Kraft Heinz uses HireVue to find student talent faster, more easily, in a more personal way, and from more schools than every before. Students enjoy the process too.
Baylor Scott & White Health Creates a Phenomenal Candidate Experience for Graduates

Baylor Scott & White Health Creates a Phenomenal Candidate Experience for Graduates

For its graduate recruiting, Baylor Scott & White Health uses HireVue to give candidates a chance to show who they are beyond their resumes, and helps them find their first job in healthcare.
Baylor Scott & White Health Creates a Phenomenal Candidate Experience for Graduates

Baylor Scott & White Health Makes Hiring Faster and Fairer With HireVue

Baylor Scott & White Health uses HireVue to eliminate scheduling headaches, let candidates self-schedule their own interviews and phone screens, and make hiring more fair by asking all candidates the same questions with HireVue OnDemand.
Why Caltex Australia Ditches Traditional Psychometric Testing for Game-Based Assessments

Why Caltex Australia Ditches Traditional Psychometric Testing for Game-Based Assessments

Caltex Australia's hiring managers weren't seeing value from traditional psychometric testing. So the company made the switch to a more candidate-friendly, relevant AI-driven assessments — and hiring managers love it.
Why Caltex Australia Ditches Traditional Psychometric Testing for Game-Based Assessments

Caltex Australia Grew Its Workforce 10x with HireVue Assessments

Caltex Australia leveraged HireVue Assessments to facilitate rapid growth in its hourly retail employee base. With insights from HireVue Assessments, Caltex Australia grew from fewer than 800 employees to over 5,000 in just 2 years.

The 2020 Candidate Experience Playbook

Learn how to give candidates a positive, personalized recruiting experience. Improve your NPS, increase your talent pool, and create brand advocates.

Webinar: 5 Ways Enterprises are Innovating Graduate Recruiting for 2020

Graduate recruiting is constantly evolving. As last year’s strategies and tactics become less effective, join us to discover 5 ways enterprises like yours are innovating campus recruiting for 2020.

Webinar: Why Games Are The Future of Talent Assessments

In this webinar, we’ll explore how to use game-based assessments as a quick, candidate-friendly, high-impact way to evaluate talent.

Military Recruiting — Your Hiring Playbook

Learn how to optimize your hiring process for veteran recruiting.

Key Trends in Talent Acquisition Technology Report 2019

What’s happening with talent acquisition technology right now? And what’s on the horizon? Chris Hoyt, president and co-owner of CareerXRoads and Madeline Laurano, founder of Aptitude Research tell you in the Key Trends in Talent Acquisition Technology 2019 report.
HireVue Horizon 2019

HireVue Horizon 2019 On Demand

Catch the highlights from Hirevue's annual user conference. Watch the 2019 sessions on-demand.

Webinar: Key Trends in Talent Acquisition Technology

In this webinar you’ll learn why many companies have upwards of 30 different solutions for recruiting alone, The vendors that continually stand above the rest, and insights from discussions, interviews and research with leading TA professionals.

How to Crack the Technical Hiring Code

Understanding the potential of technical candidates is more than determining if a candidate can code or not. The ability to create elegant code is only one indication of candidate potential. Great developers are also effective communicators and problem solvers. Led by HireVue’s CTO, you’ll learn how to evaluate technical candidates beyond their code.

Assessments Help Reduce Recruiting Costs by Thousands A Year

HireVue Assessments help AdventHealth find better quality candidates whose long-term performance drives organizational success. Partnering with HireVue to calibrate its algorithmic process to the highest standards ensures integrity in the data and lets the recruiting team work smarter, not harder.

AdventHealth Uses Technology for Consultative Recruiting

AdventHealth hires 5,000 employees a year. With qualified candidates hard to find, HireVue helps AdventHealth find candidates from all over the globe to fill critical roles. HireVue technology lets the company hire high-volume, hard-to-fill roles in a fraction of the time. It also empowers recruiters to be true strategic partners to the organization.
BP uses HireVue to Assess Fit

BP Uses HireVue to Assess Fit

Forget the GPA, it's about who candidates are and how they think. And HireVue lets BP recruiters look beyond the resume to find the right fit.
Even Hurricane Harvey Couldn’t Stop BP from Hiring Great Talent

Even Hurricane Harvey Couldn’t Keep BP from Hiring Great Talent

Hurricane or no hurricane, BP knew that it had to have offers out to graduates before they were lost to the competition. Using HireVue Live, BP was able to keep up the momentum and not miss a beat.
More Schools, More Candidates: BP Uses HireVue to Cast a Wider Net

More Schools, More Candidates: BP Uses HireVue to Cast a Wider Net

BP uses HireVue OnDemand and Live video interviews to open up the pipeline and interview graduates that it would never have seen using traditional graduate hiring methods.
Using HireVue to Drive Innovation in Hiring

Using HireVue to Drive Innovation in Hiring

TMX is a leader in its industry, and driving innovation through technology is in its DNA. By taking a good hard look at all of its processes, TMXrealized that HireVue was the only vendor that could take its hiring efforts to the next level.
A Better Candidate Experience

TMX Realizes a Better Candidate Experience

Using HireVue for all positions at TMX, including internal promotions, lets the TMX recruitment team level the playing field for every candidate. And using video technology in combination with active recruiter involvement creates an experience that candidates enjoy.
The Evolving Role of the Recruiter

The Evolving Role of the Recruiter

HireVue helps Cellular Sales process candidates faster and deliver better quality candidates. And it is not just recruiters who are seeing improved efficiencies, hiring managers are also reaping the rewards.
Using Technology to Improve the Candidate Experience

Using Technology to Improve the Candidate Experience

Cellular Sales leverages video to set proper expectations from the beginning creating a win-win situation for the recruiting team and the candidate.

Uncover Top Graduates with HireVue's New Graduate Assessments

HireVue has more experience helping companies interview and select early talent than any other. Now we’ve leveraged that experience and data in our latest assessment offering specifically designed and validated to help organizations quantify potential in their graduate, intern, and apprentice pipelines. In this webinar, explore how companies can quickly deploy this validated solution to immediately start using key competency data to help select the best early talent.
Richard Waite Head of Resourcing GrantThornton Thumbnail

Grant Thornton: More Efficient and Diverse Hiring

Grant Thornton saved 1,000 hours in interview and assessor time, reduced spend, and improved efficiency — all while improving its diversity hire ratio.
Richard Waite Head of Resourcing GrantThornton

Grant Thornton: Positive Brand Experience

HireVue lets Grant Thornton connect with candidates around the things that really matter, rather than creating worry over things like travel and scheduling.
Richard Waite Head of Resourcing GrantThornton banner

Grant Thornton: Candidate Experience

Grant Thornton wanted to differentiate its candidate journey in order to wow and delight candidates at every touchpoint. With HireVue, its offers candidates a high-touch level of service that's created a much-improved candidate-focused experience.
Donna Wright Senior Manager Military and Diversity Sourcing Strategy at T-Mobile thumbnail

T-Mobile Encourages Employees to Bring Their Whole Selves to Work

T-Mobile's motto: When you are you, you are your best self. T-Mobile knows that valuing and embracing each individual's whole self leads to the best results. #beyou
Donna Wright Senior Manager Military and Diversity Sourcing Strategy at T-Mobile

T-Mobile Pledges to Hire 10,000 Veterans by 2023

T-Mobile empowers recruiters to help veterans translate their military experience into a corporate skillset through conversation.

2 Ways to Take Video Interviewing to the Next Level

Organizations in every industry are using video interviewing to increase quality of hire, decrease time to fill, and promote diversity. In this eBook, we share the secrets to their success.

4 Steps to Win Campus Recruiting

In this eBook, you'll learn how HireVue can help identify and close top graduate talent before your competitors even arrive on campus.

Solving Speed & Quality Issues in High Volume Recruiting

High-volume hiring has unique challenges for different organizations. HireVue's Business Transformation Leader, Dina Taylor, shares how market leaders are solving these high-volume challenges.  Wes Sutkin, Corporate and Field Recruiting Manager at Dr Pepper Snapple Group shares how the company reimagined its hiring process and now hires in 1 to 2 days using video intelligence and process optimization.

AI for Hiring: The Buying Guide

The AI-in-recruiting space has exploded, leaving many recruiting leaders feeling overwhelmed and poorly qualified to evaluate vendors. Our AI Buying Guide is designed to help TA leaders cut through the hype and misinformation that surrounds artificial intelligence, and make highly qualified, informed buying decisions.

How Humans and AI Overcome Hiring Bias

After decades of bias training, resume blinding, and other diversity initiatives, most businesses have barely moved the needle on bias. In this webinar, explore how the emerging AI and human partnership empowers high-quality hiring decisions, regardless of background.

Explore the HireVue Platform

See how HireVue delivers the best talent, faster with this comprehensive look at the HireVue platform.

Horizon 18: Digital, Flexible, Diverse

Has our historical reliance on GPA and college affiliation “baked privilege” into the campus recruiting process? Learn how HireVue VI/Coordinate and an integration with KXA helped the PwC Canada recruiting team tear up the rulebook and reimagine the possible for early entry roles. With the aim of making the process both digital and flexible in a way that would support diversity, James Davidson and team shifted their focus from hiring for GPA to hiring for potential. He’ll show how they architected the tools and workflows to create a Gen Z-friendly process that aligned with the PwC Professional Global Capability Model, enabling a more agile, streamlined operation that is simple to execute and a hit with students on campus

Horizon 18: Transforming a Business Model

Learn how JPMorgan Chase is transforming consumer banking and how this transformation required it to hire very differently than it had in the past. By utilizing AI-driven assessments, JPMorgan Chase created a recruiting practice that is candidate-obsessed; allowing them to have deeper and more meaningful conversations with candidates to ensure it identifies the highest quality hires who embody the retail bank of the future.

Horizon 18: Putting People First

For the second-largest cable provider in the U.S., having a workforce that reflects the diverse communities in which it operates every day is key to company success. And in the competitive market of skilled trades and technology, Spectrum needed to approach this challenge with new ideas. Through new programs and partnerships and allowing candidates from these channels to introduce themselves via HireVue OnDemand right from its career website, it's able to react to and cultivate the top candidates before the competition. In this session, learn from the program leaders the plan and some results from their efforts — as well as how it did it inside a combined organization that's still less than two years new.

Horizon 18: Design for the Disappointed

It's too easy to forget that behind every resume is a person with a story to tell. Hunting for a job can be a frustrating experience for candidates. Unfortunately, you can’t hire every candidate, and many candidates are your customers. In this candid fireside chat with Delta Air Lines' Jennifer Carpenter, learn how and why you want to design your candidate experience around those candidates who don’t get the job.

Horizon 18: Unconventional Hiring Strategies

You know the conventional approaches to recruiting a diverse range of candidates. But when it comes to building a more diverse workforce, convention often works against you. In this panel, learn how organizations are building stellar diversity programs and using video to amplify the underrepresented voices in their talent pools.

Horizon 18: Where Does AI Fit In Hiring?

Creating personalized solutions that instill a passion for travel in every customer — that’s Hilton’s formula for creating the world's most hospitable company. Hilton’s HireVue journey started more than four years ago and along the way, Hilton completely reimagined the way it acquires talent. In this session, learn how it rolled out AI-driven assessments across job types, from high-volume reservation call center agents, to servers and bussers, to revenue analysts. With results like 90% faster hiring and a 40% increase in candidate conversion, the recruiting team has transformed its process in a way that lets it meet the needs of the business as it scales and grows year over year

Horizon 18: Game-Based Assessments

Cognitive ability has repeatedly been shown to predict job performance and career advancement better than any other ability or personality trait, and even better than job experience. Get a deep look into how HireVue’s new game-based assessments offer a valid alternative to traditional, question-based tests, and, along the way, learn about what's being measured, why, and how it will impact your bottom line.

Horizon 18: Strategic Recruiting

Caleres, the company behind Famous Footwear, Sam Edelman, Allen Edmonds, Naturalizer among many other brands, found themselves short on recruiting help. Since downsizing their recruiting organization in 2009 they had not restaffed for the realities of today's labor market, and finding efficiencies was critical for alleviating pressure from their HR and hiring managers. Through cooperation with operational leaders, Caleres was able to successfully champion a business case for HireVue that aligned to the organization's current and future business goals. In this session, learn how Caleres’ strategic business alliances led to dramatically reduced hiring manager workload, an increased candidate pool, better candidate experience, and cross-functional buy-in that drove adoption across the organization.

Horizon 18: Accelerating Great Talent Discovery

HireVue CTO Loren Larsen talks about using HireVue technology to find better talent faster.

Horizon 2018: The Empowered Recruiter: The Changing Role of Recruiting

When recruiting teams are empowered with great tech and redesigned processes, there is an inflection point in their productivity and ability to add value. Relationships with your business partners change when you can bring more to the table. Hear from panelists about the significant changes they’ve made to empower their recruiters to have strategic impact.

Horizon 18: The Sky Is Not the Limit

Scott Kelly

Lessons From A Year In Space

Horizon 18: The Business Case for Change

For years, Mattress Firm used traditional assessments coupled with out-dated technology for its hiring efforts. But with more than 3,500 retail stores across the U.S. and a changing job market, it became clear that the company needed to find a new way. In this session, hear how Mattress Firm quickly and successfully garnered executive buy-in, implemented two new technologies simultaneously (HireVue and Workday), and then trained recruiters and hiring managers across all locations for quick adoption. The result is an AI-driven assessments process that enables the recruiting team to spend less time on the wrong candidates and more time helping top talent understand why Mattress Firm is the right choice for them.

Horizon 18: Humanizing the Talent Process with Technology

Kevin Parker
CEO, HireVue

Horizon 18: How to Reduce Implementation Risk

In this interactive session, two experienced implementers discuss their methods for getting buy-in for HireVue and offer practical suggestions. Are recruiters or hiring managers resisting the new process? Bring your most difficult change-management and adoption problems to this session for fresh ideas.

Horizon 18: Contemporizing Recruiting

In order to compete for prospective employees, Bank of America contemporized how it recruits. The company’s strategy was to overhaul the way it engages with young talent on campus today, from sourcing to attracting to selection and hiring. In this session, you'll learn how Bank of America created a high-tech, high-touch digital experience to attract and engage this talent before the bank stepped foot on campus and how it has built on this success by expanding its video-interview strategy into the professional (non-campus) recruiting space.

Horizon 18: The Assessment Landscape Has Shifted

In this session, Madeline Laurano from Aptitude Research Partners shares her latest research on the assessment landscape and explains what you need to know to make informed decisions in today’s rapidly changing assessment market.

Horizon 18: Veteran Hiring Strategies

Organizations know that veterans make great employees with a variety of transferable skills, but attracting them can be difficult. Join this session to hear how three different organizations have engaged with veterans to increase their veteran hiring and how you too can improve your veteran hiring strategy.

Horizon 18: Shaping a Vibrant Economy

Resourcing Lead Richard Waite outlines how his recruiting team played a key role by recruiting and engaging new talent in a way that challenged the status quo, targeting the market to promote a better and more purposeful way of doing business, and creating an engaging candidate journey with HireVue. He shares the results of the recruitment program and its impact on candidates, recruiters, and internal stakeholders.

Horizon 18: Designing and Articulating ROI

How you articulate ROI directly impacts your ability to earn buy-in and continue delivering incredible results. Constructing a compelling narrative is crucial. But when it comes to investments in technology, how do you prove ROI beyond the immediately obvious and elevate your narrative? In this session, Deloitte’s Bill Cleary and HireVue’s Dina Taylor explore the analytics you need to tell that story and how to leverage that data to elevate the results of your partnerships.

Horizon 18: Behind the Curtain

How do humans make decisions? What makes us go right, and what makes us go wrong? In this keynote, Yale Professor Zoe Chance explores the quirks in human psychology that make us avoid the most logical choice, and how we can effect positive behavioral change.

Horizon 18: Reinventing Leadership For The Age Of Machine Intelligence

Mike Walsh
CEO of Tomorrow

Horizon 18: Candidate Experience in 2018

In today’s job market, candidate experience plays a bigger role than ever in helping you attract great talent. In this panel, hear how three organizations quantify the value of their candidate experience initiatives and build great experiences for their candidates.

Horizon 18: Talent Planning Gets Personal

Children’s Mercy has taken video interviewing to the next level. From video introductions for passive candidates, to utilizing video interviews to encourage internal mobility, they have created hiring practices that are transparent and inherently human. But this revolutionary recruiting practice didn't happen overnight and it wasn't easy. Learn how Children’s Mercy did it, and how you too can revolutionize recruiting in your organization.

Horizon 18: The Future in Five

As 2019 approaches, HR leaders are facing distinct challenges. The emergence of the “candidates’ market” that makes top talent harder to retain, and the continuing work to build strong diversity and inclusion programs are just two of those challenges. Four HR industry thought leaders, including Gerry Crispin, Madeline Laurano, Sarah Brennan, and Robin Erickson each spend five minutes on solving the most critical challenges going into 2019.

Horizon 18: Instilling a Growth Mindset in the Business

H-E-B is one of the oldest and largest grocery chains in Texas with more than 300 stores. With fierce brand loyalty and an award-winning employer brand, H-E-B isn't your typical grocery chain. Hear how Jenn and her team have changed the hiring mindset of a company with over 113 years of experience. Tying talent acquisition to business impact and objectives has led to faster hiring, better quality hires, reduced bias, balancing high volume and to providing a great candidate experience. Hear how they've reimagined their entire hiring process and how they got the business to come to them for help with all kinds of roles from manufacturing, warehouse, retail, technical, and more.

Horizon 18: Hirevue Live and Campus Recruiting

As Hurricane Harvey struck Houston, Texas, in August 2017, the recruiting team at BP was displaced from their office building, leaving nowhere to bring candidates for final interviews. Delaying these final interviews for highly sought after candidates during the peak campus recruiting season could have been a major setback for BP. This session will share the approach the team devised for a quick, successful, and sustainable HireVue Live deployment, and how a solution used for crisis response has transformed BP's recruiting model for the future.

Horizon 18: Setting the Pace for Innovation

What do you do when your corporate culture is strong and your employer brand attracts thousands of candidates, yet only 3% are hired? Talent leaders are charged with decreasing applicant frustration and ensuring top talent isn’t being left on the table. Florida Hospital, the largest healthcare provider in central Florida, turned to artificial intelligence-driven assessments and other technology to innovate graduate-level nurse recruiting, ensuring a best-in-class experience that sets the standard for the healthcare industry. Hear how they’ve driven their time to fill down to less than 20 days for high-volume roles and boosted an already impressive quality of hire.

Horizon 18: The Secret of Reinventing Recruiting

We’re seeing a fundamental shift in the way recruiters work. Gone are the days of the “post and pray” approach to recruiting. Today’s recruiter can be empowered to to build relationships with hard-to-hire candidates, create consultative partnerships with hiring managers, and manage high-profile initiatives like candidate experience, employment branding, and improving workplace diversity. Amber Grewal has been at the forefront of this change from the beginning at IBM. In this keynote, she explores different ways recruiters can be empowered and shares best practices for managing these empowered recruiting teams.

Horizon 18: The Future of Assessments: Evaluating the Whole Candidate

From the first personality test invented nearly 100 years ago, to general mental ability tests, to the current landscape featuring machine learning and AI, pre-hire assessments have come a long way. Today's assessments are breaking new ground and making better choices than humans do. And they're also uncovering more of the relevant skills and competencies of candidates than could be identified previously. We take a look at past, present, and look through future glasses to predict how assessments will evolve to present more of the "whole candidate" — and what that means for hiring organizations.

Going from Vet-Friendly to Vet-Ready

For veterans who are transitioning into the civilian workforce, finding a way to showcase their skills in a meaningful way can be challenging. And while most organizations know that veterans make great employees with a variety of transferable skills, they often find that attracting them can be difficult.

The Complete Guide to Contact Center Hiring

Your contact center agents are the linchpin of your customer experience. The people you recruit for these roles have a direct impact on your organization’s brand, revenue, and customer loyalty. Recruiting for contact centers is uniquely challenging.

How Game-Based Assessments Uncover Top Talent

The holy grail of recruitment is prediction: how well you can predict a candidate’s success based on a limited number of touch points. Game-based assessments provide insight into the best predictor of job performance: a candidate’s cognitive ability.

The Recruiter's Guide to Becoming More Strategic

You’re on the front lines as recruiting evolves. Despite all the talk about AI and automation, you are uniquely positioned to transform your organization’s ability to find and attract top talent.

How to Empower Talent Acquisition in the Age of AI | HCI and HireVue Webinar

This webcast unveils how to empower talent acquisition professionals to transition from transactional to strategic, tackling high visibility projects that have a wide-reaching impact on your organization.

How to Make Better Talent Decisions with AI-Driven Predictions

Artificial intelligence (AI) enables better predictions. AI can predict the quickest route to drive, and if a financial transaction is fraudulent. Today, it can even predict the best candidates for a given job. In 2018, we’ve seen some big leaps in how AI can objectively assess candidates and predict success.

Leading Empowered Recruiting Teams

Recruiting is evolving. As expectations change and technology advances, we’re seeing a massive shift in the role of the recruiter. And it’s for the better.

The Next Generation of Assessments

Pre-hire assessments are a proven, scientific way to screen candidates. Today, pre-hire assessments have evolved beyond their legacy standardized-testing roots to measure a candidate’s critical competencies faster, more accurately, and in a way that enhances their candidate experience.

The Empowered Recruiter: Transform from Transactional to Strategic

Recruiters are in a position to have a big strategic impact on their organizations. How do you set them up for this success? In this webinar, Rackspace shares how it empowers its recruiters to build valuable, consultative partnerships with hiring managers, and some of the results they’ve seen so far.

5 Ways Retail Recruiting Can Drive Revenue

In retail, your people are your greatest asset. In this eBook you’ll learn how to proactively drive revenue with recruiting, and how to prove the value of your efforts.

HireVue Horizon 2018 On Demand

Register today to watch all the keynotes and sessions from HireVue Horizon 2018, HireVue's premier customer event.

How To Overcome Healthcare's Biggest Hiring Challenges

Healthcare recruiting is intensely competitive. 60% of the fastest-growing occupations in the US are in healthcare, and it takes twice as long to fill a healthcare role than the national average. In this eBook, you’ll learn three approaches to solving healthcare recruiting’s toughest challenges.

How to Make Great Hourly Hires in 7 Days or Less

Hourly recruiting faces unique challenges in today’s tight job market. In this webinar, Dr Pepper Snapple (now Keurig Dr Pepper) shares how you can make great hourly hires in 7 days or less.

5 Recruiting Strategies to Increase Workplace Diversity

Diverse teams are more creative, more innovative, and generate more revenue. In this eBook, you’ll learn how to build a more diverse talent pipeline and make more inclusive hiring decisions with five research-backed recruiting strategies.

The State of Pre-Hire Assessments | Whitepaper

In this free whitepaper from and HireVue, you’ll get the benchmark data to learn how high performing companies use assessments differently and how effective assessments are for identifying top candidates.

Stop Sacrificing Your Candidate Experience For Assessments

In this eBook, you’ll learn how recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are being combined with traditional Industrial-Organizational Psychology and assessment science.

How to Hire in Under 24 Hours

Time to fill has nearly doubled in the last 10 years. Fewer candidates are on the market, and those that are don’t stay their long. Imagine if you could achieve same day hiring - a zero day time to fill.

4 Innovative Strategies To Improve Quality of Hire

HireVue directly impacts Quality of Hire. The eBook shows how 4 industry leaders make more informed screening decisions and move faster with the best talent.

Recruiting Millennials: Unilever Goes Digital to Transform Its Graduate Hiring Process

Unilever partnered with HireVue to transform its graduate hiring using digitally recorded interviews and science-based assessment tests.

Campus Recruiting: Why the University Shortlist Is Shortchanging You

Join Compass Group as they explain how to accelerate the graduate hiring process, empower small campus recruiting teams, and beat the competition to the best talent on campus.
Unilever Recruiting Process

Unilever's Recruiting Process

Unilever finds top talent faster with HireVue Assessments

Technical Hiring: Why HireVue?

See how HireVue is changing the way companies identify great technical talent.

Campus Recruiting: Why HireVue?

See how HireVue revolutionized the way organizations recruit on campus.

Why Hire with Video and AI?

Video interviewing makes hiring fundamentally more fair. Hear HireVue CEO Kevin Parker explain why HireVue has added artificial intelligence to video in HireVue Assessments to let recruiters and hiring managers accurately and objectively measure a variety of candidate competencies.

Reimagining Pre-Hire Assessments

HireVue delivers modular assessments by blending the power of artificial intelligence with the science of industrial-organizational (IO) psychology — in a single video interview.

The Hiring Power of AI

HireVue CEO Kevin Parker explains how HireVue uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help companies identify the best talent on the Fox Business program, Mornings with Maria.

Why HireVue?

See why companies like Amazon and Keurig Dr Pepper (formerly Dr Pepper Snapple) choose HireVue for their recruiting needs.

Webinar: Building a Stellar Candidate Experience From Start to Finish | HireVue

Join us as we explain how to optimize the entire candidate experience, and reveal new data from the Talent Board's Candidate Experience 2017 Research Report.

A New Day For Assessments | and HireVue

After surveying 600 HR professionals, shares how industry leaders are improving candidate assessments and the pre-hire experience.

How Unilever Uses Data Science and AI

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