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We’ve delivered over 30 million interviews to help identify which candidates would be the best fit for a specific job. By combining the traditionally separate interview and assessment steps into one step that is backed by science, we’re improving the experience of candidates, while reducing both implicit and explicit bias in hiring.

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HireVue has always been committed to good science that creates a level playing field for all candidates and helps companies consider a larger and more diverse set of candidates than ever before.

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Meet the Data Science team

HireVue’s approach to pre-hire assessments relies on two distinct fields of science: Industrial and Organizational Psychology (IO) and Data Science. Our team of carefully assembled experts bring a range of experiences from fields as diverse as physics, economics, medical imaging and IO psychology.

Lindsey Zuloaga, PhD

Chief Data Scientist

Dr. Lindsey Zuloaga is the Chief Data Scientist at HireVue, managing a team that builds and validates machine learning algorithms to predict job-related outcomes. As an academic researcher with a Ph.D. in Applied Physics, she has performed novel experiments and data analysis, resulting in scientific publications with applications in medicine, sensing, and signal processing. Lindsey started her data science career in the healthcare space, striving to improve the lives of people with chronic health conditions. At HireVue, she is working to completely transform traditional interviewing with a platform that focuses on understanding more of the candidate as a whole person, including interview responses, coding abilities, and cognitive skills as opposed to just the facts shown on a resume.

Theo Bitsakis, PhD

Senior Data Scientist

Theo has more than 10 years of experience in academic research, algorithms, and data science. He holds a Ph.D. in Astrophysics and has published more than 30 scientific articles in high-impact journals. Currently, he is responsible for researching and developing the new game-based models and for mitigating these assessments for bias.

Caleb Rottman, PhD

Senior Data Scientist

Caleb has 10 years of research experience in algorithms, statistics, data science, and applied mathematics. Prior to joining HireVue, Caleb received his Ph.D. in Bioengineering from the University of Utah, where he published research focused on algorithms for estimating motion in medical imaging. Since joining HireVue, Caleb has worked on implementing research in testing for and mitigating bias in machine learning.

Meet the IO Psychology team

Nathan Mondragon, PhD

Chief IO Psychologist

Dr. Nathan Mondragon is Chief IO Psychologist at HireVue and responsible for the scientific rigor behind building, researching, and maintaining the AI-driven assessment product with over 25 years of extensive experience in the HCM space. In 1996, Nathan helped lead the creation and delivery of the first ever online selection assessment, in 2004 built from ground up the first integrated assessment solution within an enterprise-wide ATS (Taleo), and in 2015 as part of HireVue delivered the first ever AI-driven pre-hire assessment solution. He has over 50 manuscripts, presentations, and workshops on IO Psychology and technology solutions, has been quoted or featured in over 30 popular press articles, including NPR, BBC, and Bloomberg. Nathan received his Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Colorado State University.

Roberly Aladin, PhD

IO Psychology Consultant

Roberly is an Industrial and Organizational psychologist with several years experience creating and implementing assessments at various organizational levels across both the public and private sector. He believes in leveraging data science to optimize and standardize assessment practices, and to expedite team processes.

Maria Bane, MSc

Senior IO Psychology Consultant

Maria is currently on the Assessment Delivery team at HireVue and brings over 25 years of selection and assessment experience to HireVue’s team of IO Psychologists. Throughout her career, she has consulted with stakeholders, ranging from Executives to TA teams to Hiring Managers within an array of corporate, private and government organizations to leverage IO science and best practice approaches to selection. She is passionate about delivering award-winning, innovative, stakeholder-friendly and practical solutions that help organizations attract, select, and retain their best. Her areas of expertise include selection system design, job analysis and complex competency modeling, assessment center design, leadership selection, training design and facilitation, culture survey design/development, and delivering a variety of OD and change management initiatives.

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