Download IO Psychology Audit Description by Landers Workforce Science LLC

Independent audit affirms the scientific foundation of HireVue

At the beginning of the year, we announced that we were undertaking a series of 3rd-party audits focused on different aspects of our technology and assessment solutions. We are committed to sharing those results, and today, we are excited to share details about the Industrial/Organizational (IO) Psychology behind our interview and game-based assessments.

IO Psychology is the foundation of everything we do at HireVue. There wouldn’t be an algorithm to write without a strong job analysis, a competency framework, and proper psychometrics and adverse impact testing. The audit was conducted by distinguished professor and CEO of Landers Workforce Science LLC, Dr. Richard Landers who spent considerable time interviewing the HireVue science team, and reviewed close to 1000 pages of documentation, with follow-up Q&A, to reach the final version of the audit narrative.

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