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Candidates are more than words or numbers on a piece of paper. AI-driven tech to measure and unlock the potential of candidates is the future of hiring. Human Potential Intelligence. That’s HireVue.

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Many of today’s hiring practices fall into what we call “rearview HR,” evaluating someone’s past achievements, experience, and qualifications as the baseline or only indications for a successful hire. But when TA teams are meeting unfilled job vacancies and skill gaps, they need a solution that’s more than just blindly spending more money on job boards, ads, more recruiters, or a new technology that doesn’t solve the issue.

Employees aren’t non-scarce resources. They’re people with experiences and lives that shape who they are and the skills they develop during their careers. HireVue connects talent to opportunity by unlocking potential, because we believe every candidate has it.

The future of hiring, retaining, and developing talent is here now. Welcome to Human Potential Intelligence.

After almost two decades of HireVue innovation,

pioneering video interviews, assessments and introducing ethical AI to the hiring process, we have now reimagined what’s possible in HR and talent acquisition and development. We asked members of our leadership team why unlocking potential is the next industry evolution.

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Present candidates with all roles that they fit—not just the ones they search for.

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We're putting the "human" back in human resources
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“We’re moving from experience-based recruitment to hiring potential, because we give these people full training. You know we’re hiring these people for what they can become.”
– HireVue Customer.
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