Introducing the next evolution of hiring: Human Potential Intelligence

October 5th, 2023
The HireVue Team

Are you hiring the right people?

It’s a simple, powerful question that is pretty difficult for anyone in HR or the industry to really answer. 

Why? Recruiters and hiring managers are doing their best, but talent acquisition and talent management is chaotic, antiquated, and broken. If we consistently hear that people are the most important asset, then why are great candidates frequently ignored or strong employees leaving their employers?

Organizations have invested in ATS and automation to improve speed and compliance, but the fundamental approach is broken. Resume reviews and inadequate job descriptions don’t predict future success. 

Many of today’s hiring practices fall into what we call “rearview HR,” evaluating someone’s past achievements, experience, and qualifications as the baseline or only indicators for a successful hire. But when TA teams are experiencing  unfilled job vacancies and skill gaps, they need a solution that’s more than just blindly spending more money on job boards, ads, more recruiters, or a new technology that doesn’t solve the issue.

Employees are people with experiences and lives that shape who they are and the skills they develop during their careers. HireVue connects talent to opportunity by unlocking potential, because we believe every candidate has it. 

The future of hiring, retaining, and developing talent is here now. Welcome to Human Potential Intelligence.

Today’s HR processes frequently treat candidates like non-scarce resources. And this used to be the case but now the tables have turned and there are 2 jobs for every candidate looking. Outdated job requisitions largely based on academic and irrelevant qualifications mean great candidates are never hired, raw new talent is overlooked, and talented internal candidates are ignored. But at HireVue, we believe in looking at what can be achieved more than what has been achieved. 

At HireVue, we exist to connect talent to opportunity and unlock the potential in every candidate—because everyone has potential. Our solutions empower teams to identify the potential of your candidates and the traits and skills that better predict future success. 

At HireVue, we’re putting the human back in human resources with Human Potential Intelligence.

Solutions to Unlock Potential

According to the HireVue Hiring Experience Report 2023, 45% of candidates say they “rarely” or only “sometimes” are able to understand the variety of jobs they’re qualified for based on their skills when searching for a job on a company website. 

Using our deep expertise in science, AI and data, we help you understand candidates uniquely and match them to jobs where they can excel today, while also suggesting their path for the future. HireVue solutions offer a shift to skill and competency evaluation, so team’s can hire today for tomorrow’s challenges.  

Find My Fit™

Present candidates with all roles that they fit—not just the ones they search for. The Find My Fit application is an assessment that helps easily identify what roles best match their potential. Quickly assess skills, interests, and even personality to present candidates with more opportunities. 

Job Match with a Smarter Chatbot

Different organizations have different ways of referring to job titles—so it’s a major miss for companies to choose candidates based on job titles at the start of the process. Our conversational AI chatbot helps candidates find openings based on skills, not job title. 


HireVue Assessments evaluate the skills and competencies needed for success—and HireVue has one for every job at every level. Concentrating on competencies like digital readiness, learning agility, problem solving, and reliability helps HR teams identify new hires who will be able to learn and adapt as their organizational needs change. 

Virtual Job Tryout®

The Virtual Job Tryout® helps take the guesswork out of smart hiring—designed for a specific job and customized with a realistic job preview to help candidates further understand the position. It goes beyond conventional cognitive and behavioral assessment by providing innovative candidate exercises that simulate the job.

When you start using science-based, automated tools to efficiently assess candidate competencies, hiring for potential becomes a strategy with documentable results. 

Past achievements aren’t the only indicators of future success. Turn to AI-driven tech designed to measure and unlock the potential of candidates. Every candidate has a story. Every candidate has a path. Every candidate has potential.

And with HireVue, you can unlock it. That’s Human Potential Intelligence.