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“[Our hiring assistant] closed 66% of open requisitions in 2 weeks and has created an amazing experience for our restaurant. All of our applicants first talk with [the hiring assistant], and if qualified, are directly scheduled with the restaurant.”
Brooke Burgiel, Senior Director of HR, Maggiano's Little Italy

Hire top service talent faster

HireVue transforms your hospitality recruitment and provides the tools to cut down your time-to-hire. Text engagement and hiring process automation combined with quick and focused screening through either on-demand interviewing or assessments provides the flexibility your hiring teams need and your candidates demand.

Fill jobs and shifts fast

Hospitality relies on servicing customers, and hiring shouldn’t prevent companies from delivering on this core aspect of their business. HireVue helps you combat historic labor shortages with speed and automation in the hiring process, so you can spend time doing what matters–servicing your customers.

Help managers focus on customers

Automate tasks like pre-screening, engagement, interviewing, scheduling and rescheduling. All managers need to do is show up for the interview.

17,000 interviews scheduled. 5,100 employees hired.

Maggiano’s leveraged chat and automated scheduling to achieve what’s no longer impossible.

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