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Post. Interview. Hire.

Hourly hiring really can be that simple.

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“HireVue has given us a gift. We are able to make the candidate’s life a little easier and our own lives a little easier. We’re able to learn more about people than we could ever learn from a piece of paper, and we can do it at scale and with speed.”
Delta Air Lines

Return time to your managers

HireVue is an hourly hiring software that identifies the attributes in your candidates that are most critical for success. High volume hiring software empowers teams to identify the best candidates with the skills and experience you need–and hire them before your competition even calls them back. Provide recruiters with text recruiting software to instantly increase engagement and speed up hiring. Identify the traits that matter, automate your scheduling, and promote candidate flexibility–all while returning precious time to your managers.

Hire the candidates that will interact best with your customers–all in one day

Automation increases your efficiency. Post a job and within 24 hours greet your newest hires–all without sacrificing quality. In a 4-6 question video interview, HireVue’s proprietary machine learning algorithms surface the candidates that will interact best with your customers and represent your brand in real, customer-centric situations.

Sell them on why they should work for you

Let your employer brand shine with an engaging, convenient and informative candidate experience while still measuring the competencies and traits most critical for success.

Engage. Assess. Interview. Hire.

Hourly candidates are looking for an accessible, easy process. HireVue does just that.


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Seamless text-powered solutions

Automation is the key to faster hiring.

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We’re able to treat our candidates like customers.

—Delta Air Lines
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Delta designs its candidate experience for the disappointed.

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