Ampol Australia Grew Its Workforce 10x with HireVue Assessments

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Fiona HowardMy name is Fiona Howard. I'm the retail program's lead from Caltex Australia. Yeah, the roles that we primarily use HireVue for is for our frontline customer-service team members in our convenience retail stores across Australia. So we had a real rapid growth of 800 team members to 5,600 team members within two years. Without HireVue we wouldn't have been able to get through that volume with just human capital with our TA team. But we really just sold the benefits, and if we as a TA function, we're gonna support the business in their significant growth. This had to happen to enable us to do that and deliver their frontline staff to promise the work across 800 service stations across Australia. So in the Australian market, the trends that we're starting to see are the speed of how quickly you can respond to candidates. So being in frontline that we're mainly focusing on in the HireVue platform, we might invite 4,700 candidates to do an interview, but we're having around about a 38% completion rate. It's that generation coming through that they want quick responses now, and whether we can turnaround in three days, but by the time that three days happen, they've applied for multiple jobs, and we may have already lost that candidate. So for us it's how do we continue to get that speed? We've sort of calculated that we're saving about 5,000 hours of the TA team a year. This is using the HireVue online interviewing, as well as the AI algorithm. And we're now seeing that 38% of the people hire in that green box stay with us 180 days all of them. I think we need to continue to evolve our frontline team in recruitment. I think we need to look at how can we continue to integrate gaming into our recruitment process, and narrow down that funneling of a candidate experience to be quicker. I think also we have a lot of opportunity while we use HireVue for our tele pipe lining convening presence of our talent in the business to our board of directors. We actually don't do much exec recruiting through it, so I think we have a huge opportunity of how do we continue to reach the platform across all recruitment at Caltex. (soft music)

Ampol Australia leveraged HireVue Assessments to facilitate rapid growth in its hourly retail employee base. With insights from HireVue Assessments, Ampol Australia grew from fewer than 800 employees to over 6,000 in just 2 years.