On-demand Webinar: How CSX Corporation is using HireVue Builder to assess candidates based on skills and widen their talent pool

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Global hiring demands are at an all-time high, especially in the transportation industry where the labor shortage is affecting the supply chain across the globe. And consumers are feeling the impact. With more job postings than applicants, transportation companies are struggling to fill roles and retain candidates. One company feeling the weight of the talent shortage is CSX Corporation, a leading United States-based transportation supplier. Realizing they needed to transform the way they hired for hourly roles, they sought a technology partner that met their need to:

  • Improve time to hire by removing the phone screen
  • Widen their talent pool
  • Assess competencies based on skills in a structured way
  • Scale hiring with limited recruiter resources

Since implementing HireVue, CSX has been able to increase take rates with 65% of their OnDemand interviews completed outside of business hours and eliminate the 14 days it took to schedule recruiter phone screens.

Watch our on-demand webinar with CSX, as they share their story and give insight into:

  • Standardizing skills-based assessments to accelerate hiring with HireVue Builder
  • Providing realistic job previews to help employee retention
  • The implementation and change management process

Learn from a company used to dealing with talent shortages. 



Matt Wavro, Senior Consultant, Professional Services at HireVue

Dawn Saunders, Sr Talent Advisor, Talent Acquisition and Development at CSX

Mary-Margaret George, Talent Advisor CSX