Interview Tips for your virtual Interview

Did you get an invitation to take a HireVue? You may be wondering what to do next.

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Video Interview Tips

Your skills and personality go a long way in video interviews. Don’t feel nervous–you’re going to be amazing! If you have any questions about using HireVue, you can always contact us. We’re here to help!

Treat it like any other interview

Prepare for your HireVue like you would for any job interview. Always do some research about the job and company. Spend some time thinking about how your skills align with the job requirements. Employers enjoy hearing about your learning ability, problem solving skills, dependability, and ability to be a team player. To prepare, create a list of brief stories about challenges you’ve faced, approaches you took, and results you achieved at previous jobs or in school. Study them and become comfortable talking about your previous (and current) roles. You can even keep your notes next to you in case you need a reminder during the interview. Also, as you’re practicing interview questions, we recommend using the “STAR” framework to organize your thoughts and responses. The acronym stands for “Situation,” “Task,” “Action,” and “Result.” Describe the situation you were in, the task at hand, the actions you took, and the results.

Create the perfect interview environment

Virtual interviewing is similar to the video calls we’ve all gotten used to having lately. Since you can interview from anywhere, make sure it’s somewhere where you’re comfortable. Pick a spot free from distractions and noise. Ensure you’ve got the strongest wifi signal possible. And, always, check your lighting. Make sure it’s in front of you; lighting from behind isn’t flattering. It’s best to find a room with natural lighting so your face is visible. If it’s too bright outside, close the blinds. And remember: don’t worry about making eye contact with the camera. Just be natural.

Practice makes perfect

While virtual interviewing isn’t difficult, a little practice can help you prepare. Most on-demand interviews ask you to give your answer in just a few minutes. It’s helpful to think about how you will illustrate your skills clearly in that timeframe, and to practice them out loud. You’ll even have the opportunity to do a practice question. If you’d like, practice answering questions by recording yourself on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, even before you take your interview to get used to answering on camera.

Set aside roughly an hour to take your HireVue

Most interviews take roughly 20-30 minutes to complete. Having an hour allows you to take your time, practice, and give the best answers. Don’t panic if you have a technical hiccup. While you should be able to iron most errors out by testing your equipment, occasionally you’ll still run into a technical issue, like background noise or another distraction. Instead of beating yourself up, try not to let it affect the interview. Just apologize for the interruption and continue with the question asked. You could even laugh it off, if need be.

Lastly, be yourself!

Just like an in-person or phone interview, this is your chance to shine and share what you offer. Be authentic and remember to relax, have fun, and let your skills and personality do the talking! Most importantly, be authentic. And don’t worry about making eye contact with the camera. Just speak and focus in the way that makes you comfortable. Get excited and share your energy with the camera, letting your personality shine.

What about people who live with disabilities. Can you still take a HireVue?

Absolutely, but if you feel that your disability precludes you from being able to engage in an on-demand video interview, it’s best to contact your employer and request a different accommodation.

Check our tips for neurodiverse job candidates to find more ways to increase your comfort and confidence in virtual interviews here.

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