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Coding assessments & interview platform

Evaluate technical candidates and developers with HireVue’s scalable, enterprise-level interview platform with coding and skills assessments to find the most qualified talent.

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Data-Driven, Science-Backed

Minimize Bias

Assess and Interview in One Step

Confidently Prioritize Candidates

Evaluate competencies that matter faster

Demand for technical talent is high, and the talent pool is always limited. Top technical candidates are not just proficient coders, they’re also effective communicators and problem solvers who work well in team environments.

Decrease time-to-hire by collapsing multiple assessments and hiring stages into a single experience.

Coding assessment to hire for today and tomorrow

More than a coder.

Make getting to know candidates easier—for them and for you. HireVue’s AI-driven, scientifically validated technical hiring solution features a screening platform which measures all the relevant competencies. Recruiters know that the candidates they advance to the hiring team are the most qualified and well-rounded for the role.

Confidently assess and prioritize talent faster

Build and scale technical teams with a technical hiring solution that features on-demand coding challenges and live coding interview sessions—allowing hiring teams to focus on building and scaling fast.

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“We were hiring based solely on experience and we wanted to start screening for potential too.”
Melissa Gee Kee, Strategy Director to the CHRO & Global HR4HR Director, Unilever
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