Coding assessments & interview platform

Evaluate technical candidates and developers with HireVue’s scalable, enterprise-level online coding assessments, tests, skills and interview platform.

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Access coding proficiency

Comprehensive library of on-demand and custom coding assessments to quickly assess technical & coding skills

Look beyond the code

Evaluate ability and potential. Understand how candidates code, communicate, and collaborate

Empower recruiters

Non-technical recruiters can easily prioritize technical talent with auto-scored coding assessments


Allow technical teams to engage with the most qualified candidates first, keeping their focus on building and scaling your business

Evaluate competencies that matter using HireVue’s online coding tests

Hiring the best software developers and engineers is increasingly difficult. Demand is always high and the talent pool is always limited. Top technical candidates are not just proficient coders, they are also effective communicators, and problem solvers who work well in team environments. HireVue’s technical hiring solution features a coding test screening platform which measures the most relevant competencies, so recruiters have confidence that the candidates they advance to the hiring team are the most qualified for the role.

Scale technical hiring decisions with coding assessments

Adapt to virtual hiring

Build and scale technical teams with an end-to-end virtual interview process using on-demand coding challenges and live coding interview sessions

Extensive coding assessment library

Select from a variety of auto-scored coding assessments for in-demand programming languages, such as Python, Java, Ruby, Javascript, PHP, C#, Perl, Haskell, and more

Dig deeper with live coding

Make later stage technical interviews simple with video enabled live coding sessions

Deter and detect cheating

Automatically detect potentially plagiarized submissions using best in class tools

Optimize developer time

Ensure the most highly qualified candidates advance in the hiring
process—allowing hiring teams to focus on building and scaling your business

Interview anytime anywhere

Increase completion rates and eliminate the need to coordinate schedules with on-demand interviews

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