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Technical assessment software

HireVue’s enterprise hiring platform provides the tools and software needed for technical hiring assessments, screening and end-to-end interviewing to hire.

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How to recruit & hire tech talent

HireVue’s recruitment technology provides a complete assessment of technical talent using video, artificial intelligence (AI), and coding challenges. Identify qualified talent and developers consistently with coding assessments and challenges that are fully validated by a team of Industrial-Organizational PhDs.


Access coding proficiency

On-demand coding challenges & video-enabled live coding


Evaluate soft skills

Understand communication style and ability to problem solve

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Empower recruiters

Coding challenges auto-scored & checked for plagiarism

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Make decisions faster

Make offers to the best candidates before the competition

Technical recruiters can identify most qualified tech talent

Allow recruiting teams to identify technical talent and developers with the right skills to solve problems, communicate, and code with a fast and comprehensive technical skills assessment. Incorporate structured technical interviews at the top of the funnel to create a job-relevant, fair, and fast screening process.

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Keep tech talent engaged throughout the hiring process

Eliminate the need to coordinate hectic schedules with an on-demand interview and increase completion rates by providing a candidate friendly, job-relevant interview experience.

Technical assessments strengthen tech recruiters & hiring managers partnership

Liberate technical teams from the screening process. Auto-scored coding tests provide even non-technical recruiters an understanding of candidate programming ability, while cheating detection tools easily identify suspicious behavior, all without the need to interpret code or involve technical resources. Technical teams still get the best talent without spending time on unqualified candidates.

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