Technical Hiring

Gain a complete assessment of technical talent

HireVue provides the tools and software needed to assess coding proficiency and critical soft skills.

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HireVue Technical hiring tools

Identify qualified talent consistently

How to recruit and hire tech talent, especially when your hiring teams don’t have a technical background, doesn’t have to be hard. HireVue provides the tools and software needed for technical hiring assessments, screening, and end-to-end interviewing. HireVue’s technical assessment software provides a complete assessment of technical talent using video, artificial intelligence (AI), and coding challenges that are fully validated by a team of industrial-organizational psychologists.

Assess for the right skills

Identify technical talent with the right skills to solve problems and communicate, as well as code, with a fast and comprehensive assessment. Incorporate structured technical interviews at the top of the funnel to create a job-relevant, fair, and fast screening process.

Video interviewing and automation keeps talent engaged

Conversational AI and on-demand interviews increase completion rates, provide realistic job previews, and offer 24/7/365 day candidate engagement.

HireVue detecting candidates cheating on assessments

CodeVue detects cheating and plagiarism

CodeVue spots attempts at cheating in the screening process, so non-technical recruiters can still efficiently hire technical talent.

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With HireVue’s coding challenges, you see the entire picture of a candidate.

—Peggy Frazier, VP of Global Talent Acquisition, Blackbaud
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CodeVue does more than measure code.

How Blackbaud makes smarter hires–and cuts 2 weeks out of their hiring process.

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