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“One of the biggest benefits that the business saw was around reducing unconscious bias. HireVue has helped reduce bias by 90% from the hiring process, which has contributed to achieving a 50 / 50 hiring split for gender.”
Richard Matthews, Head of Talent and Resourcing, The Co-operative Bank

Ensure your hiring is fair and transparent

Build and structure interview content and evaluation criteria for your hiring teams to ensure everyone is measured the same. Empower financial recruiting teams to surpass resumes, GPA, or degrees and assess candidates for job relevant skills and competencies. Employers win the best candidates by assessing things like adaptability, communication, problem-solving, and other key job-relevant skills that are critical to financial services companies.

Win top talent against Big Tech

Add a fast, digital-first hiring process that highlights your brand as innovative and gives candidates maximum flexibility. Evaluate both technical skills and soft skills using coding tests, games, and video questions in a single experience.

Seamlessly schedule any type of interview

HireVue integrates with your ATS and your organization’s calendar service, automating candidate scheduling and rescheduling, letting hiring teams focus on candidates, not calendars.

Make your DEI goals your DEI reality.

How the Co-operative Bank improved their diversity and gender equality.

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