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Combat candidate burnout

Lean into automation to support better communication and start hiring for tomorrow’s success.

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“Most of our candidates choose not to have a phone interview because of all the benefits of the digital process.”
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Fill your jobs and shifts fast

Retail recruitment teams are feeling the challenges of labor shortages, and it’s forcing them to rethink how they reach their future employees. Start turning your customers into candidates with HireVue mobile-friendly solutions. HireVue technology includes our text-powered recruiting assistant. With a simple text-to-apply link, the process is simplified and candidates are kept engaged throughout the entire process—all the way to the start of their first shift.

Send 1:1 or campaign SMS messages from a secure platform

Treat your candidates and employees like customers. The retail industry has faced immense upheaval, and its employees are burned out and don’t always feel heard. Support better communication with HireVue Direct Messaging which enables retail recruiting teams to send out hiring campaigns from a platform—not a personal phone. And by allowing teams to engage with current employees, companies can start building healthier relationships between both parties. 

Structure your interviews and assess talent fairly

Ensure you’re hiring for tomorrow’s success—and do it fairly and consistently. HireVue Builder easily structures interviews and provides job-related attributes, so retail recruitment teams can evaluate for the right skills for the job in an ever-changing landscape. HireVue Assessments help you measure the soft skills that matter in a job, including adaptability, and help ensure all candidates are assessed the same. Solve the hiring challenges of today with our retail recruiting software. Our digital-first hiring experience will help you find the best talent. Start hiring for retention and build tomorrow’s talent today.

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