Internal Mobility Strategy

Empower your employees with opportunity

Build an internal mobility program with software rooted in data and science —because who knows who isn’t a strategy.

Fairer promotions

Data-backed decisions

Boosted retention

Do you know what skills your employees actually have?

When you hire for based on skills, you empower employees to excel not only in one area but you identify the skills they have for another as well. By using assessments for internal moves, you can capitalize on their current skills and spend less time familiarizing them with something new. Assessments unlock the potential of not only your candidates but help you optimize the potential of your entire workforce. 

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Agile Mindset Assessment

Did you know 50% of employees leave because of bad managers? Ensure you’re promoting the best internal talent by backing decisions with data. The Agile Mindset Assessment is a quick assessment that measures the critical competencies that align with agile leadership and success—making it a critical resource for internal mobility decisions. By measuring 4 key types of agility (people, mental, results, and change), the assessment measures how agile someone is—and how they can adjust to changes in the future. Measure factors like problem-solving, adaptability, drive for results and initiative, communication, and willingness to learn and build empowered teams who want to stay.

Fairer promotions start with fairer hiring

Strong internal mobility strategy and programs start with fairer hiring. When you assess talent based on skills and competencies, you not only ensure all your candidates are evaluated equally, but you ensure you’re building a workforce that values everyone’s potential. When your hiring leans into skills, instead of only resume review and past achievements, you build a pool of employees who feel valued for their abilities and empowered to achieve more—because they know they’ll be given a fairer shot for promotions. 

Assessments offer a robust library of science-validated questions designed to identify candidate potential—so you can back your hiring and promotion decisions with data instead of gut-instinct.

Win the race for retention

Did you know employees at companies with internal mobility stay twice as long? In today’s rapidly changing landscape, the race for retention is critical. Ensuring you’re making smart hires today who will last through tomorrow’s challenges is critical. When your employees feel empowered and that they have a fair shot at promotions, based on their skills, they’re inclined to stay. With internal mobility software, you can build a strong workforce today that’s also there tomorrow.

50% of teams are turning to internal talent in response to talent shortages

Easily measure candidate agility

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