Internal mobility strategy and retention in today’s workplace

Internal mobility strategy and retention in today’s workplace

Empowering your employees and backing decisions with data

Internal mobility is a hot topic for hiring teams as many are not only being asked to do more with fewer resources but also facing high turnover rates, with projections expected to reach 35%. 

TA teams are fighting for retention, forcing many to revamp their internal mobility programs. But internal mobility isn’t about who has been at a company the longest, who knows who, or any other arbitrary factor—it’s about making decisions based on the data that will help you build strong workforces. 

Our Internal Mobility Guide builds the case for skill-based hiring and how to use technology to make fairer decisions. Read the guide and learn how to:

  • Combat the fact that 50% of employees don’t even look for advancement opportunities at their current company
  • Assess for the skills needed for current roles, changing roles, and promotions
  • Create internal mobility programs where employees feel empowered

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