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Staffing technology to improve efficiency and boost submission quality—with job-specific workflows backed by science.

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“The ability to contact our talent database at scale to deliver an engaging experience far exceeded our expectations compared to our traditional approach.”
Rita Sposato, COO, Randstad Canada

Hiring efficiency is a competitive advantage

Whether you’re hiring for hourly workers, sales, professional staff, or senior managers, HireVue technology is unmatched for speed, scale, and fit. With HireVue, your RPO or staffing firm can reduce per-hire workload and improve business profitability. Our ready-to-go hiring templates are built around scientifically validated, job-specific assessments, along with interview content to engage, screen, interview, assess, evaluate, and hire talent faster— and at scale. We offer solutions for any job, any challenge, in any industry.

Templated or configurable workflows. You choose.

No matter what industries your RPO or agency serves, HireVue has hiring plan templates to meet your needs. Maximize time-to-hire with templated or easily configurable workflows that meet the unique needs of your enterprise client across dozens of industries and job families. Add or remove stages as needed, customize assessment content, add or edit questions and evaluation criteria, personalize job previews and candidate communication, and more. Discover how seamless, efficient, and fair your hiring process can be.

Transform every step of the process

HireVue transforms RPO and staffing placement and hiring with trusted science and proven hiring technology. With HireVue, RPO/staffing firm recruiters engage candidates’ interest, identify fit, and make placements or hires faster than ever, for single positions and at scale. You gain the tools to reduce your per-hire workload and improve business advantage and profitability.

108% increase in candidate placement? We’ve done it.

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