Randstad + HireVue

Unlock new job seekers with AI-Powered talent pool

+ Goals

  • Engage millions of candidates at scale
  • Uncover new job seekers
  • Support multilingual communication (English and French)


+ Results

  • 1.6M profiles contacted
  • 96% of conversations completed
  • 63% (12,500) of conversations resulted in uncovering new job seekers

AI-Powered Talent Pool Engagement Helps Randstad Uncover Thousands of New Job Seekers and reduce time to interview helps Randstad uncover thousands of new job seekers and reduce time to interview

Randstad’s talent database is core to delivering on its mission to match smart people with great jobs quickly. However, maintaining the recency of the database and nurturing relationships at scale is a challenge. Randstad Canada also experienced a confluence of factors – new privacy laws requiring explicit consent as well as the opportunity to find new candidates faster than their competition.

Early on, Randstad used a traditional marketing automation approach of a landing page and form fields to collect profile details. With HireVue’s modern and scalable way to engage candidates — combining email outreach with a natural language-based and multilingual webchat, Randstad experienced a much higher engagement rate and faster results – even with leads over 9 years old. Within 4 weeks, they contacted over 1.6M profiles and uncovered 12,500 new active job seekers!

“The ability to contact our talent database at scale to deliver an engaging experience far exceeded our expectations compared to our traditional approach of using marketing automation tools. Its intelligent, multilingual, and automated conversational capabilities enabled us to rapidly execute the project in less than 4 weeks and helped uncover thousands of new candidates who are ready to explore new job opportunities.”

Rita Sposato,
COO, Randstad Canada
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Profiles contacted


Conversations completed


Conversations resulted in uncovering new job seekers