Public Sector Hiring

Compete for talent against the private sector

HireVue is the only FedRAMP authoraized hiring solution for the public sector. Don’t let outdated, slow hiring keep you from top talent.

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“We knew we’d need about 20 principals, we just didn’t know where and when. Using HireVue’s OnDemand interview technology, we sourced and screened potential candidates. Last year, ALL of our assistant principals and principals came through this pool.”
Skye Duckett, Deputy Chief Human Resources Officer, Atlanta Public Schools

Federal civilian roles

Federal agencies can’t compete for talent against commercial employers using decades-old processes and technology. The candidate pool is often restricted in both size and diversity because current systems cannot fairly and effectively screen large volumes of applicants. Instead of limiting the amount of time roles are open and relying on self assessments, HireVue helps structure the interview process with video interviews or pre-hire assessments to consistently evaluate candidates–creating a more inclusive process with better and fairer hiring outcomes.

Government defense and intelligence jobs

Keeping America safe has never been more difficult, and the need to attract the best and brightest to serve as both military and civilian members of our force has never been greater. To meet these unprecedented challenges, recruiting and retaining the best qualified individuals to serve as both is paramount. HireVue enables defense and intelligence agencies to overcome these challenges by providing a modern and inclusive candidate experience resulting in more applicants while increasing the diversity of talent pools. Incorporating a structured and scalable interview process enables you to quickly evaluate candidates to ensure you can identify and hire the best candidate for every role.

State and local hiring

State and local government hiring teams are still reeling from labor shortages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic–impacting teams across various sectors ranging from Health and Human Services to public school systems. The HireVue platform enables these teams to navigate this complex landscape by offering a hiring process that can quickly identify the skills necessary to be successful beyond what is possible with the traditional resume screen and interview process.

How HireVue simplifies public sector hiring

Identify the top technical talent for your agency

HireVue’s technical solutions evaluate coding proficiency and detect cheating in the screening process–so non-technical hiring teams can make strong hiring decisions.

Create a more diverse and inclusive workplace

Reduce bias with AI-driven insights that are validated by IO psychologists.

Automation and conversational AI make hiring faster and easier

Hiring is slow and hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Our solutions remove clunky hiring processes, create a more positive candidate experience, and drive your hiring efficiency.

Security matters

HireVue is the only FISMA and Privacy Act compliant talent experience platform. In our digital world, software security is imperative, especially in the HR space. You need an HR tech partner who is proactive at minimizing risk and vulnerabilities. HireVue is fast, fair, and safe.

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Enhance your Workday Recruiting investment and create an efficient, standout hiring experience.

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