Enhance SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting

HireVue for SAP SuccessFactors

We have helped many SAP customers reimagine their hiring process. Enhancing SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting is easy with HireVue’s industry-leading video interviewing, modern assessment, texting and conversational AI capabilities.  

Accelerate Your Recruiting With HireVue


Faster Hiring


Greater Recruiter Productivity


Increase in New Hire Diversity


Enterprise customers worldwide


Interviews and counting


Chat-based conversations

Your Hiring Team’s Experience

  • Match job requirements with candidate skills. Evaluate for skills that will be needed to grow your company.
  • Save time reaching candidates, use chat-based tools for quick and easy post-application outreach – from prescreening and scheduling to post-interview engagement.
  • No more sifting through resumes or conducting phone screens by enabling interview assessments embedded into the application process with one click inside SAP – all within a single hiring workflow.
  • Work out of one automated system of record so recruiters no longer need to navigate around multiple systems or manually update candidate statuses and data.

Your Candidate’s Experience

  • Help candidates quickly find the best-matched job opportunities, complete prescreening, and self-schedule interviews 24/7 via chat.
  • Personalize a candidate’s experience with ongoing automated text updates, reminders and requests for their feedback –  all based on their SAP status.
    • Use text to quickly move candidates through your hiring journey.
    • Surface top candidates through OnDemand video interviewing and assessments to quickly engage them so you never miss out on top talent.
    • Go beyond resumes and truly understand a candidate’s skills, capabilities and potential, the best predictors of job success.

    Your HR IT Team’s Experience

    • Ensure Talent Acquisition adoption with chat-based tools and structured interviewing that align with your technology strategy.
    • Simplify and streamline your HR tech stack.
    • Easily configure the HireVue for SAP SuccessFactors integration to align your workflows, hiring requirements, and use cases.
    • Simplify your HR tech stack. Say goodbye to 10+ point solutions, and a lot of underutilized or unused technology.
    • To improve security HireVue uses SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting APIs natively, without the need for middleware.  You have full control over data permissions with options for access protocols.

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