The Guide to Hiring for Potential

The Guide to Hiring for Potential

When you hire for potential, you build tomorrow’s workforce

Today’s hiring requires a new way of thinking about how we hire. At the end of the day, teams need a way to ensure they’re really hiring the right candidates—the ones who will adapt to tomorrow’s challenges. The solution? A shift to skills and competency evaluation.

Did you know that according to the HireVue Hiring Experience Report 2023, 45% of candidates say they “rarely” or only “sometimes” are able to understand the variety of jobs they’re qualified for based on their skills when searching for a job on a company website?

The future of hiring, retaining, and developing talent is here now. Welcome to Human Potential Intelligence. Resumes, alma maters, and past experience don’t predict future success, but incorporating AI-driven tech to measure and unlock the potential of candidates does. 

Read the Guide to Hiring for Potential and learn why Human Potential Intelligence unlocks candidate potential—and why it’s the new standard for hiring.