WTW improves early career performance and diversity outcomes

WTW is a Professional Services organization with a global footprint and upwards of 40,000 employees. WTW began making a shift towards skills-based hiring to address skills shortages, diversity, social mobility and an aging population. They were also experiencing an increase in applications for their early careers roles. WTW uses a blended assessment from HireVue so that they receive a mix of cognitive and behavioral feedback about candidates. This comprises a games-based assessment and an OnDemand Video Interview, which is scored by AI.

In a recent business stakeholder survey, 78% said they were satisfied with the quality of candidates at final stages of the process and 80% were satisfied with the diversity. WTW has achieved a 50% female hiring ratio and >30% candidates being hired are from an ethnic minority in large markets such as North America and UK. There has also been a +50% increase in completion rates in North America.