The 2024 Global Guide to AI in Hiring

The 2024 Global Guide to AI in Hiring 

Understanding AI’s Influence on Hiring and Being Hired

Did you know 73% of HR professionals trust AI systems to make candidate recommendations and that 50% of job seekers now believe AI can actually improve their hiring experience and mitigate bias?

It’s time to start asking yourself how you leverage cutting-edge hiring tools to maximize human potential and unlock what your talent pool is capable of, because job seekers are envisioning a world where they’re judged on their skill and potentialnot resume line items.

To get a pulse on both HR professionals’ and workers’ perceptions of AI in hiring, HireVue surveyed 3,100 workers and 1,000 HR professionals across the globe. Read the 2024 Global Guide to AI in Hiring and learn:

  • Why HR professionals are largely in favor of AI
  • Why the context of AI matters when it comes to employee perception
  • How best to approach education, proper use and compliance, and transparency in the world of ethical AI usage