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Career Services provide students with the skills and resources they need to become competitive applicants and confident professionals and HireVue is here to help.

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Shifting to video recruitment

The old campus recruiting playbook was torn up in 2020, forcing schools to quickly transition to virtual experiences. But while much of what has happened to date has been out of your control, you have a choice in what’s to come.


Prepare your students

Practice & coaching for virtual hiring


Cast a wider net

Broaden admissions opportunity


Promote diversity

See people, not paper

Free practice interviews

Preparing students for the job market with practice interviews has always been a cornerstone of career services. Sign up to receive a HireVue interview branded for your school and allow your students to practice on the same platform where many of them will interview with employers. Your students will be able to better prepare for virtual interviewing by experiencing an actual mock HireVue interview. Expand and modernize the type of prep you can offer with free virtual practice interview.

Coaching and feedback

You already offer students coaching and feedback on in-person interviews, now you can expand your support with critical feedback on digital interviews backed by an expert support team available to answer your questions 24/7. Don’t let your students fall behind by failing to prepare them for the new normal of virtual interviews.

Virtual career fairs

Improve student experience and prevent event disruption with a virtual career fair that’s designed to increase student access and enhance connection to employers. Creating a modern, branded experience without the constraints of geography is possible using virtual interviews.

Admissions and selections

Upgrade your admissions process by measuring validated, objective competencies instead of relying on subjective “gut feelings” that promote bias and offer no predictive value. By using structured virtual interviews and assessments, you can diversify and improve undergrad and graduate admissions cohorts by removing barriers to access like geography and the cost of in-person interviews.

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