National Safety Apparel + HireVue

How NSA manages their hiring needs

+ Challenge

National Safety Apparel (NSA) is a leading manufacturer of protective clothing for customers in industrial environments. The company needed a way to help find and assess qualified talent and fill its requisitions quickly. NSA’s particular challenge was maintaining sufficient staffing levels in its Ohio factory without hiring a costly staffing agency.

+ Solution

HireVue’s conversational AI stood out as the solution that would help the team meet its goals and successfully manage its staffing levels. In particular, it was the ease of implementation and the affordable price that differentiated HireVue from other options. Working with the Customer Success team, NSA set up a system that captured, screened, and scheduled interviews with candidates. This meant recruiters could focus on interviewing and hiring the best candidates without being burdened with the time-consuming tasks. For an industry with a high volume of hiring, saving a significant amount of recruiter time can make a strategic difference.

+ Results

NSA was able to transform its hiring process and outcomes. Candidates could seamlessly and quickly find a job, prescreen for a role, and self-schedule an interview all within minutes via text or their careers page web chatbot. With NSA no longer reliant on recruiters to manually screen, recruiters’ calendars were freed up to interview top candidates within a shorter time frame. Recruiters and candidates were able to connect for an interview within days rather than weeks. Altogether, these accelerated timeframes resulted in candidates no longer needing to wait 60 days to receive an offer. Candidates were now receiving offers to join NSA within 15 days – 4 times faster than before.

Today, the NSA team is able to effectively manage their hiring needs, adapt to changes quickly, and all at a lower cost to the business. Chat and automation have saved them 6.5 weeks of time annually and reduced the cost to interview and hire significantly. Now, the team can focus on onboarding activities and fostering a best-in-class experience for their new hires.

“It is quick to implement and there was an instant connection with the sales and support team. Customer service and response rates have been world-class.”

Lindsay DesJardins,
Vice President of HR, National Safety Apparel
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