Agile Mindset Assessment

Assess for the skills and mindset that help build nimble teams for tomorrow’s success.


People Agility

Mental Agility

Change Agility

Results Agility

Interview Assessments

Our team of IO psychologists uses HireVue’s extensive data repository and research to identify the critical competencies that align with agile leadership and success.  Our candidate assessment software will help you combine the interview and Agile Mindset Assessment into a single unified experience that can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

Game-Based Assessments

Prioritize candidates on a mindset that matters. Gain a deeper understanding of a candidate’s agile mindset for internal mobility. Be certain that your key professional talent is agile-minded and has a proven agility mindset through a quick and engaging experience.

Benefits of the Agile Mindset Assessment

Measure the right mix of competencies

Hiring talent with the right mindset to lead in an agile culture is critical for a high-performing, agile workforce. Easily prioritize high-potential candidates for any role based on their agility with people, results, change, and problem solving.

Validated and backed by science

Fairness is critically important, and our assessments can help reduce bias in your hiring process. Every assessment we build is evaluated and mitigated for bias. Then, we monitor and adjust them regularly to ensure a fair and objective interview experience.

Create fast screening process

Our team of IO psychologists make it easy to select the questions and games that will give you the right insights. Assess candidates on their agile mindset in a quick and engaging experience.

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