Assess and engage high-potential candidates

Science-backed, game-based psychometric tests assess candidates’ skills in a quick and engaging experience. Measure candidate’s potential and job fit for today and tomorrow.

  • Create an automated, unified and fun experience to keep top candidates engaged
  • Scientifically measure job-relevant skills and really understand candidates in less than 20 minutes
  • Align any one of our 20+ games with critical competencies needed for any role
Review Background
“We’re moving from experience-based recruitment to hiring potential, because we give these people full training. You know we’re hiring these people for what they can become.”
– Barrie Brown, Talent Acquisition Manager, JustEat
HireVue interviews model

Scientifically proven, better for everyone

HireVue pioneered the ethical use of AI in hiring by combining IO Psychology best practices and Data Science.

  • Rely on our team of expert IO Psychologists to identify the critical competencies for every role
  • Measure a variety of soft and technical skills accurately and objectively
  • AI-driven, scientifically validated assessments mean the most comprehensive and accurate view of a candidate’s ability to be successful


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